Passtimes and hobbies

I've always been into sewing. Most kids want a car for their 16th birthday--I wanted a sewing machine! A short time after my marriage, I bought a quilting sewing machine. I think I enjoy quilting because I like mathematics, & quilting is pure geometry.
That is wonderful that you are doing research on cancer

Oh it sounds more impressive than it actually is i think lol. Since i no longer have a lab and samples to work on it's now purely theoretical and research based.
I also collect stamps & coins. When I started collecting stamps, most kids in junior high (me, included) collected stickers. I saw stamps in a collectibles store, & felt that after a while the stickers would be useless--the stamps would never be.
I’ve just started to get back into coloring in to help with my stress and anxiety. I’ve done a few pictures, the more I do them the less stressed I get.
Im also going to try jigsaw puzzles, I bought some recently and some are Agatha Christie mystery ones Murder on the Nile and murder on the orient express . So you won’t know what the picture is until you finish it 🤦🏼‍♀️.
My husband & I are finishing our basement, so I'm unable to do anything related to most of hobbies at the current time. When we're done, there will be an area & table specifically for my sewing/crafting. Until now, any time I used my sewing machine I had to pack it up every evening even if I wasn't done.
I will also do my jigsaw puzzles there.
I buy and refurbish old tobacco pipes. That's my favorite hobby. The rest of my hours are spent watching streaming entertainment, (Sci-Fi, Cop/First Responder Dramas, or really practically anything with captions :) ), or sleeping.
lots and lots of porn, few video games, about 25 % of the way into borederlands 3, and two more characters for street fighter 5 to unlock
i just got finished with cabling my road bike, i have to make sure it fits tomorrow, then if i am up to it go ride it, it is satisfying to ride something you built yourself. it has been so long since i have ridden it, i have to remember how the shifting system works
I'm a knitter - currently making lots of gnomes, but starting a sweater for granddaughter #1 now. Also love Final Fantasy XIV right now - formerly played Guild Wars 2. Then, when the weather allows, it's gardening; we have 3 raised beds mostly for veggies, then I have made a flower bed almost stretching across our fence along the street. Keeps me outta trouble - mostly.
My husband & I grow a bunch of veggies in our garden--we've made raised beds for most of them. We also have some rose bushes, & planted perennials along borders so that we don't have to worry about replanting every year.
Now that our basement is finished (we did it ourselves), I FINALLY have my own place to sew & do crafts. We put our old kitchenette table there--I didn't want a fancy sewing table. I just finished 2 apron/potholder sets, & I'm currently working on a quilt. I also make beaded barrettes/hair clips.
Before, any time I would do my crafting, I'd have to clean up at dinner time--that's often impractical with quilt projects. Now, my sewing/crafting area is completely separate.
That sounds awesome! I have two left thumbs, so sewing, woodworking, etc. don't work out for me...
I need a hobby so bad. I don't really do anything. I love fantasy football but that's seasonal. I like fishing and camping but that doesn't happen much since my mom sold the lake. I enjoy breweries and tap rooms but shouldn't visit them often..haha.
I was always into sewing/embroidery. I saw my mom sewing since I was little--that's probably what influenced it. The dresses that sold for $40-$50 when I was a kid, she'd look closely at in the store & then replicate for me. At that time, fabric was also far less expensive--now, the fabric to make a dress could cost more than a ready-made dress!
Most kids ask for a car on their 16th birthday--I asked for a sewing machine!!
I like to solve Rubik's Cube type puzzles.
My Puzzles.jpg
In the image there is a V-Cube 8, V-Cube 7, Gigaminx, Teraminx
And up Front a WitEden 3x3x9 Cube.

Here is my story regarding my rare condition - PNPO Deficiency:
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I like to solve Rubik's Cube type puzzles.
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In the image there is a V-Cube 8, V-Cube 7, Gigaminx, Teraminx
And up Front a WitEden 3x3x9 Cube.

Here is my story regarding my rare condition - PNPO Deficiency:
Super cool!
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