Past member stopping in to say Hello!

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Awesome! So great to see you again!

I'm a bit embarrassed honestly. I'm getting a bit older now and my vision isn't what it once was. I misread the instructions when composing that email. The forum software was supposed to replace [name] with your username when it sends you your email. At least, that is what I thought. Turns out, the software is looking for curly brackets, not square brackets. I was supposed to write {name} when I composed the email. I would have corrected it and resent, but the email server is already screaming uncle from the ~6,000 emails I already sent. :paperbag:
Hello friends also stopping here to say hello. I had a tough times in past but i am glad to tell everything seems to be ok for now. From about 97 when i was 17 my seizures began as theatrical grand mals, i started to eat Depakine Chrono 500 mg every 12 hours but hard to tell how much it helped. From 2016 im seizure free only have some auras in about 3 months intervals. I am now 43 years old and every 12 hours i take Depakine 500 mg, Levetiracetam 1500 mg and Midza 100 mg. I wish you all the best and feel free to ask me anything if you want <via PM> Blessings!
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Congrats on reaching 20 years.
I'm pretty sure I joined in 2007 when the return of my seizures was still fairly new. I just did what the neuro told me 🙄 but learnt so much from here especially some great advice leading to my surgery

I don't come on as much now but still check in every so often 😉
Got email on great news that this place was turning 20yrs old. Apologies for not coming by more often but this place did its thing for me when I needed it. Someplace to know I was not alone, both in what I was going through as far as my condition and just daily life.
The people here are so supportive and wonderful and I this goes for another 20 years.
Congrats to twenty years of cwe, thank you so much Bernard! This site has been pure Gold for me in the past, I must remember to visit. Thanks to all of you who have either helped or entertained me way back to my short time here. I hope I contributed when confident enough to reply to messages posted. Long may cwe be of service :)
but still wanted to say hello to a lot of people here, no matter how bad my memory, they are always hard to forget
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