[Research] Pediatric Epilepsy Research

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A woman on my website very generously shared this news: "The Children's Hospital Boston is posting a multi-part series of epilepsy-related articles on its pediatric health blog, Thrive. The series will touch upon a wide range of epilepsy-related topics - from the epilepsy research to a video of a 15-year-old girl, her friends and family giving us their first-hand experiences on the challenges of coping with epilepsy on a daily basis.

Here is the link to our first post, featuring Children's Dr. Frances Jensen, MD, who appeared in a piece on 60 Minutes with Katie Couric, talking about the prevalence of epilepsy and the importance of funding research into its cure. Dr. Jensen also blogs about how epilepsy is often overlooked as a public health problem, limiting the scope for research."

For further information, click on: http://childrenshospitalblog.org/fr...ing-epilepsy-research-is-important/#more-2392 and http://childrenshospitalblog.org/fr...s-why-funding-epilepsy-research-is-important/