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Heavy Kevy

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I’ve previously read that my peripheral vision could be a concern. Post surgery. I’ll be contacting my doctor.
It’s not like I can’t see. It’s more glares and grid like patterns I’m seeing.
Any reflection through the window I clearly see across the ceiling.
Hopefully it's something that is transient and corrects itself as you recover from the surgery. I guess the brain has to re-learn how to do some things? Hang in there. :)
Hi Heavy Kevy,

After my surgery I had a hard time with my eyesight everything was dark like I had a pair
of sunglasses on making it harder for me to see but after about a month my eyesight was much better,
and things weren't as dark as they were after surgery. I did have to get a different prescription for my glasses
and when I got the new glasses, it was hard for me to get around because it made me dizzy, and things looked
blurry until my eyes adjusted to my glasses. Just give it time my friend and everything will be fine.
I wish you only the best of luck and May God Bless You,

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