Picture association - legends no longer with us

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After seeing the pics of David Bowie I thought how it would be cool if we had a thread like picture association but it is about all the music/movie/ legends no longer with us.

It works the same way as the picture association game but instead you post a pic of one of the celebrities in the picture above.
I'll start

Unable do this but pic of David Bowie and Micky jagger
You post a pic of oen of the people from the post before
EG Dutch Mum posted Marilyn Monroe & JFK so the person after her would post either Marilyn or JFK
I don't know how get pic from one site to other
I use photobucket where you can download or up load photos onto & you just copy & paste the img link.
You can use other free programs like it.

I think Dutch Mom copies the image from the link, not sure
I think Dutch Mom copies the image from the link, not sure

No more simple, I just search on Google Images (Google Afbeeldingen in Dutch) and copy a pic from there (right mouse click), next I paste it directly on CWE.
Works with approx. 80% of all pics. About 20% is protected and don't work.

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