Post surgery and arm


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So I had a brain surgery focused on the brain stem. It's been 3 years and slowly I am regaining balance and function in my arm, all with the help of therapy. Focused on my arm/hand, I just saw my OT yesterday and she said I'm done with OT because my arm is fully healed. But my arm is still weak and it has minimal function. But they said it's fully healed because the tests showed yo them that I have full strength in my arm, but my arm is obviously weak because some exercises are very difficult. So I don't know if I'm wrong or their tests are or they meant I'm at my limit of recovery. I just don't understand and I won't be satisfied till I understand.

My sister didn't fully see my point over text till I sent her this:
You have a 1984 beat up car that barely runs. Saying "I'm sorry you cant get better" is different than saying "damn that looks brand new."

If you understand and see that I'm not sure what the therapists are saying. How is my arm fully healed if it's still weak? Or am I at the limit of healing?

I want to know, so then I know I don't need to do home exercises? OT isn't necessary anymore? The therapists said no to both questions because my arm is now strong. Why if my arm is weak? Thoughts?