Put your cell phone down!!!!

Cellphones are the bane of society. :mad:

Wow, that's crazy! What is this world coming to when the hard working parent supporting the child is not protected but the "entitled child" who needed to be taught a lesson isn't. I remember when my brother was told repeatedly not to park is bike behind my dad's car or he'd run it over. My dad finally ran it over. It was destroyed, my brother learned his lesson and no police were involved. In fact my sister and I were also taught not to do that by example because we didn't want that to happen to our bikes. How are we to teach our children when they are being taught that there is no consequences and there rights are protected more than the parents. Its beyond frustrating.
Ya my husband has a camp job and is gone for 2 weeks at a time. He got mad at me once for not answering a text when I was at the doctors for an appointment lol. I guess I should be happy that he loves me so much that he worries but honestly, I hate being attached to my stupid phone all the time))
I used to be a GREAT pen pal w/my friends in places we moved away from & wrote a lot to my relatives in Pakistan. Now with the internet & cellphones, nobody writes letters anymore! I've saved a lot of the old ones--those from my grandmother, for example.
Nothing can take the place of a handwritten letter. How do you know that the email or text you're reading was actually sent by that person? It could easily have been someone else on the keyboard! If something is handwritten, you're sure of it.
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