Raise the self esteem of the poster below you.

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Pretty simple make the poster below feel good. Kind comments, give advice, positive vibrations or just give hugs.

I'll start by saying I appreciate the advice, kind words and caring thoughts I've received from everyone. Much love to all. :woot:
i brought batteries for your positive vibrations WOOOOOOO!!!
You seem very educated, sincere and honest. Thank you for always giving such great advice.
You have great courage living each day with e. :hugs:
remember every time you get up, is a chance to try again.
Indeed it is my friend...indeed it is :)
You a human being who is growing everyday, you are brave, honest and real.
Always remember that as bad as today might become, tomorrow is yet another opportunity for a miracle!

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Acceptance does not bring weakness, but instead shows us what to fight and in effect we gain strength.
You know the truth...because the truth knows you

Search your feelings Annicus :sw:
Yeah, thanks - bad seizure night last night, and still trying to recover.

Positive thinking leads to positive actions which leads to a positive life.
i hope you feel better,

and I hope the next person feels better to :p
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