Self driving cars

Will people with epilepsy be able to use self driving cars

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The big thing you're hearing about now are self driving cars. Do you think people with epilepsy will be able to use them?
The self driving technology will have to improve to the point where they are much safer and reliable IMO. Right now, it's just a more sophisticated cruise control. The human driver is still expected to maintain alertness/control and be responsible at all times.
I've told my family once that until a car can TRULY drive itself--you enter/give it a destination & it just takes you there, I will NOT get behind the wheel. (Not on the road, at least). My hubby wants me practice basic driving in an empty lot for emergencies. My complex partials are far too unpredictable to drive. I had one a few weeks ago while just sitting at a table talking to my friends, despite taking my morning meds about 4 hours earlier!
The way self driving cars are right now I know people with epilepsy wouldn't be able to use them. I just wonder if in the future, don't know how far into the future, people with epilepsy would be able to. Maybe when a car is more like Kitt in Knight Rider?

Hi Val,

I understand where you are coming from but there's no way I would use a self driving car because if the programming
gets messed up in it then it can lead to a disaster and end up killing someone I saw it on tv a few weeks ago where a guy
who had a self driving car was in it and the program went haywire and the guy tried to put the car in manual and control
car himself but he had no luck and ended up in a bad auto accident. I also would ask myself what would it cost for auto
ins. if I had a self driving car. Thanks for putting up the vote and sharing your thoughts. I wish you only the best and May
God Bless You!

I want a horse and a good saddle with something that will keep me from falling out of it. Horses are smart and can be trained to go to the side of the road and stop if you have a seizure. I'd trust one more than a self-driving car!
I'd be afraid that my wife would fall off of a horse if she had a seizure while riding one. Not the horses fault at all - my wife tends to lose balance and fall if she has a seizure while standing (or sitting without back support).
That's why I said "a good saddle with something that will keep me from falling out of it" - meaning a saddle that held me on it! We could start with this:
and modify as necessary, maybe?
Oh! Apparently, when you search for "horse therapy" equipment, or "therapeutic horseback riding", you will see lots of saddles that might help! I followed the photo that I copied and put above, and it took me to a Pintrest where there are loads of options! Gives a girl hope.
I had no idea that existed. Very cool!
Like others have said, I believe the technology is still way in its infancy stage and no one should "drive" one.

However, I'd say there's a more important factor and that is the "human element" of the equation. By this I mean that the car can be top notch with the latest technology, but accidents will still happen due to cellphones, intoxication, falling asleep, putting on makeup and many other things since people will still be driving regular (human operated) cars. So unless ALL cars were self driven then MAYBE, but even then, as stated earlier, one typo or wrong wiring and all chaos lets loose. Have fun blaming whose fault that is lol. Lawyers would love it though 🙄
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