Shallow Breathing and Epilepsy

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I am a shorter breath or shallow breathing person. My breathing is very shallow and rapid. How does this influence epilepsy? Deep breathing is being worked on by me and I have noted a number of differences. They are as follows.
  • less muscle tension
  • less tension in general
  • greater muscle control
  • better speech
Does deep breathing by habit improve brain function and if so, how?
There are a lot of posts in the forum regarding deep breathing:

Some folks claim it helps. Others claim it didn't do much for them. I suppose it is like most epilepsy treatments - you won't know if it works for you until you try it.
Interesting to read a couple of those posts linking to. I have had breathing problems for some time now, given medication spray to open up my lungs. This is getting worse to the point my dr is shifting me out to a specialist to teach me how to fix it to the point of getting rid of medication. One good thing for me is it will probably help with some of my seizures. I should have searched deeper here some time ago šŸ˜Ÿ
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