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Hi all
Since diagnosis of Focal Epilepsy 2 weeks ago, have continued with my obsessive reading and as I read more I recognise myself more but also few things coming into query To recap on newbie post - have probably been having them for around 4 years I know (got CT scan around 4 years ago related to the 'weird' episodes I went to GP for) but only kept any notes for the last 2 years suggesting that before this it wasn't an issue

My SPS symptoms do seem mainly temporal lobe related- deja vu, rising feeling with nausea and accompanying anxiety and generally feeling off colour after. Some metallic taste at times. Have read that TLE later in life can be related to brain abnormality and damage to/from hippocampus but to get MRI and EEG in any case so will need to park that thought for now . A few queries for those who get them however , if I may?

I read that SPS are the type less likely to present in clusters but mines ONLY present in clusters. I have read that clusters in a day can be counted as one seizure episode and know its apparently the initial seizure that causes the brain excitability that sparks clusters. However, my diary records have highlighted that there have been around up to 5 x day. for max of 3 days. Then they don't come back for 5 or 6 months hence the query on need for any medication. In a cruel twist of fate post diagnosis I have been having them all day today- 4 so far. All the same type and duration. It has however been 6 months since my last ones. I have mentioned clusters to Neuro and not sure if he picking this up from me as consecutive days , or in fact clusters across the day. He didn't seem to mention it as a problem either way.
They are just horrid but am not keen on meds at this time until post MRI and EEG. Just wondering if anyone has similar SPS experiences

Is a gap this long usual?

I know SPS are auras for those with CPS or generalised seizures but can you get Auras with SPS or is anything weird just part of the seizure itself. Yesterday morning I woke up in the morning and had what I can only describe as 'chattering' in my brain. I don't physically hear anyone speaking but its like a phrase is being repeated in the background. I did wonder yesterday if I was going to have a day of SPS but didn't - but have today. I get this in between SPS and often right before the deja vu and intense nausea/occasional hot flush but not sure if this is actually part of the seizure (in which case I am having more SPS within the cluster than I think though it would be a stand alone thing) or if it's actually an aura to SPS. So today was clearing out the kitchen, the chattering started and then bang - usual SPS symptoms

However, few times today have felt strange but almost as if I have managed to 'stop' it rising into the usual seizure. Again, is this seizure or an aura or what?

Sorry for the questions. I have read lots and recognised myself in lots of the SPS symptoms for some time but the other strange stuff is referred to less, hence keen for the anecdotal stuff and peer experiences

Thanks a lot x


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You don't need to apologize for asking questions at all. There are certain days of the month when I will have clusters of
absence and aura seizures and a lot of that has to do with hormones changing each month. I get a nervous feeling in my stomach
and see colors flashing back and forth in my eyes. This is what my neuro. told me to do back in the 1970's and you should give it
a try. The moment you feel an aura seizure start tighten up all the muscles in you body and make your hands into tight fists if you do
it quick enough it will stop the seizure. I know it sounds crazy but it has worked a lot for me.

How's the weather in your area today this could be another reason why you are having seizures. If there's a low pressure
in the weather that in turn effects the hormones and can trigger seizures even if the low pressure in a couple of days away.

Sometimes I get the feeling I don't know where I'm at I will be sitting in my living room and everything looks strange to me
and sometimes it looks like it's far away from me. This is still all part of a aura seziure.

You should look into getting a spect and pet scan done and as I mentioned before see an Epileptologist. They really know
how to handle epilepsy and find out what's triggering seizures along with finding the best med. I wish you the best of luck
and May God Bless You!



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Hello. I've had SPs since childhood, and began having CPs a little over 20 years ago. I can always feel an SP come on. It usually begins as an odd feeling that starts at the back of my head, & spreads towards the front/top. Those usually last less than 5 minutes.
My CPs, though, are very troublesome. Unless someone else witnesses them or I do something to myself/my surroundings, I don't even know when one occurs.
I track all of my seizures--date, time, length, and what type. I also write down anything that I did to myself or the things around me. In my case, despite keeping a log since 2012, I haven't noticed my seizures following any pattern. I've actually had some instances when seizures have occurred 3 hours after I took a dose of medicine!