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So we've all had them, those stories from work (paid or volunteer) that leave a mark for the right and sometimes wrong reason. This thread is to share some of those stories and get a laugh out of them.

One of my favorite ones comes from an old job where I was based out of a national park. Loved it like no tomorrow, unfortunately being government, job security doesn't exist and after 3 years I was made redundant...well this particular role made me and my coworkers the face of the park because we did all the maintenance work. One day my boss received a complaint about one of the bushwalking tracks as a branch had hit a lady in the face. We go out and find the "branch" - a twig poking about 3 inches in to the track. My boss gave us an order to cut the track back 3 feet either side so there was enough room. The next day, the same person rang complaining that the track was cut too far back. My boss told the lady to suck it up and give it a few weeks.

Another good one comes from the animal rescue and education organisation I volunteer with. I'm the 3IC with them and as part of this, get rostered on to assist with public education about our native wildlife outdoors. Due to my seniority, I'm never rostered on with the two above me and generally lead a crew of 3-7 depending on the requirements for the night. Whilst for the most part people are cooperative with any requests we make, unfortunately there's a small few that exist to make life difficult. My approach to situations is always "treat others how you want to be treated", I generally don't make the first move, I let the public do that because it sets up the scenario ahead, if you act like an asshole, I'll return the favour. A few times I've had the "my taxes pay your wage" with the smartass reply of "they sure do...my taxes aswell, except for one thing...I haven't seen a paycheque from here in 10 years". I've had a few "I want to speak to your manager" moments to which I brush my hair across and ask how I can help.

Being the longest active member in this organisation gives me some good benefits. I also know how to shut down a heated argument with three words: "look over there" (whilst pointing to the CCTV camera). Naturally they look and I remind them that anything they try to pull on me will be recorded...sometimes I brush my leg to where my Leatherman knife is holstered (I will never use it in anger or defense but the sight of it being there is sometimes enough to make them think twice about doing something they shouldn't). A co worker of mine was assaulted 7 years ago over something minor.
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