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I was looking for another opinion. I have a female friend who was talking about getting a taser if she was ever attacked. I told her not to because it could induce a seizure. But after thinking about it I can think of multiple reasons why she shouldn't get a taser. I've heard horror stories of people dying because of a taser, if this were to happen she could easily be prosecuted with involuntary manslaughter. Possibly an easier sentence with a good lawyer. So what are your thoughts? Is a taser the way to go? What about pepper spray?

She finally bought pepper spray for anyone wondering.
I don't know where you are from (ie US, Europe, the west coast, the south, the north etc), but being from Tennessee (the south), and a veteran, I am all for protecting yourself and NOT being punished for doing so. If that lady were to tase someone that was trying to hurt/rob her, then that's on them, NOT her. They brought it on themselves. She never would've tased them to begin with had they not done it in the first place. You leave me alone and I'll leave you alone. She would be the victim, not them. If they suffered any injuries, that's their fault. Should've thought about that before they committed the crime (OOPS!). As for being prosecuted, that's where it goes back to my first statement of it depends on where you come from. Some places allow you defend yourself whereas others say you can't (and they punish you if you do it). I believe you should be able to. It makes criminals think twice before doing it if they think you MIGHT shoot them (whether it be with a taser or a gun). Just my two cents. :twocents:
I fully agree that she has the right to commit harm onto them if they attack her. But my thoughts aren't placed in the moral conversation this topic brings. My thoughts are around the legal side of this. Morally idc if you kill them, from my stance they deserve it. But legally the victim has and can be blamed. She can hurt someone, although they deserve it, she would need to prove that they deserved it. Prove that they were attacking her. Without a security camera nearby idk how she could do that. And without proof how could she stay out of jail?
Tasers and pepper spray are considered weapons and can and are restricted as such meaning you can't carry them anywhere and everywhere you want to go. Forget about carrying these items on a plane. If you use them wrongly, you can be sued for assault or worse. You may think you are in the right to use a pepper spray, but if you do it without provocation, it is not self defense. Think before you act.

Pepper spray and tasers have different laws and each are not always legal depending on where you go.
For "anyone" considering carrying either a taser or pepper spray, get proper training.
Remember they are for defense only. You should take a law enforcement approved/certified self-defense class to learn how to properly use them.

Every person that carries either a taser or pepper spray must get tased or sprayed. This way you learn the physical pain you will be causing by using these devices. All law enforcement officers receive this education. This way you will use caution, and think before you react to a situation.

Make sure you learn and understand your states laws regarding these devices.
Make sure you learn and understand your states laws regarding these devices.

I would defiantly do this. You don't want to try to protect yourself then find out the way you did it is illegal and you might be the one who ends up in jail. As said too you might need some sort of training also before getting it.

I took a self defense class around 25 years ago. Most of it evolved physical ways to do things if we were attacked. We learned to how to use pepper spray and got one when we were done.
I carry neither (laws here consider them restricted weapons). I went through specialist training for self defense and situation defusing which basically involves no "strike first" actions but relies on the aggressor making the first move and you using their body weight against them. The laws here also favour the assailant and punish the victim - I was nearly hit with assault charges for picking up a stick and using it to get some distance between me and an asshole kneeing me in the head trying to trigger a seizure)

I've used it at work when someone has thown a punch at me and I've countered by completely dropping them onto the ground through their own momentum, no striking, just a well timed pull on the arm and a trip when pulling them through. Can also buy a few precious seconds to get out of a dangerous situation.
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