The cost of seizure freedom

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As 5/7/24 nears - 10years ago on that date my craniotomy was done to remove abcess left temporal lobe from chronic sinusitis and bacterial meningitis of my brain- I would like to share my journey including all the changes I made or went through
Memories of being indubated
4 sessions of dialysis leaving me completely debilitated
Vomiting a lot
Memories of one time when the rapid response team was called for me.
Significant weight loss
My hemoglobin plummeted to 8.0
Losing all my medical knowledge ability to talk and walk my apt and my 2 cats
Feeling more than once I was dying.
Going into a nursing home for rehab in a wheelchair
Walking out 3 weeks later instead of 6 weeks with a cane to my own new apt and independent living
Speech therapy at home to bring back memories executive functioning etc
Placing my first husband's ( deceased 2012) ashes in a river
Compliance with all health care providers treatment plans- neurology primary care allergist/ immunological 5 years of allergy shots an inhome hepa air filter removing as many chemicals from my life as possible
Relearning medical psychological info
Trauma therapy domestic violence care and treatment ( first husband)
Getting my first dog who became my ESA
Getting 2 orders of protection against my father who tried to force his way into my apt during my topiramate taper- seizure risk huge but he did not care or try to learn. Being placed in my home states " witness protection" due to domestic violence
Changing my last name legally from my first husband to my paternal grandmother's maiden name
A chapter 13 bankruptcy for all these medical costs
Giving up everything my first husband left to me except a monthly pension
Meeting my current husband marriage move out of my life time home state
Forgiveness for myself and all who harmed me
Seeing beautiful sites in our new home state with my husband
Surviving covid being retraumatized
My bankruptcy was discharged in 2/24.
Having 2 wonderful pit bulls who are my ESAs
My husband really is a good loving man
Finally understanding transgenerational trauma
My paternal grandfather got struck in the head developed epilepsy and negative personality changes my paternal grandmother got an order of protection. against him divorced and raised 3 children on her own
Living a simple newer life in the rv my husband and own near the mountains
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