The cost of seizure freedom

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One seizure precipitation is extreme unnecessary emotional distress. So I am trying as quickly as I can to give up the need to be " right," My spouse has some extreme beliefs that we keep arguing over. His right to be this way but scaring and re traumatizing me. All I can so is stop reacting. Even if I have to leave for awhile to take a drive by myself. I am applying this to a lot more. I do not need to mention poltics climate disasters etc to people in public. Just saying hi did you have a good weekend etc is enough. Of course my healthcare and my providers are different. I need to follow their recommendations to the best of my ability. I hope my efforts help me extinguish fear I acquired from my husband.

You need to tell your husband that stress is one of the main things that can trigger seizures for a person and he needs
to think about that. Maybe if you break away for a few days it will wake him up and make him realize how lucky he is.
My prayers are with you. Wishing you only the best of luck and May God Bless You!

I know for a fact that that stress & would tension increase my simple partial seizures (when those were all I had). When the complex partial seizures began, stress affected those, too. Even when I had taken all my meds, I'll have 1-3 breakthroughs/month. They've lessened quite a lot since adding Xcopri.
Thank you so much. I have stopped using vsn. It does not really work for me. The support groups. The peer to peer helped a lot. I am worn out today from the world's trauma and some medical issues. I am seeing my PCP this am about changing my anti depressant and anti hypertensive meds. I am just exhausted. Going to have my tsh t4 checked again too. I remain seizure free.
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