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After 5 years of 2 a month seizures and many medication changes. I was lucky enough to go 4 months seizure free. My doctor prescribed an antidepressant (Paxil) for the first time, and I thought I found a magic pill. Of course when I’m feeling better more crap gets piled on my plate. Next thing I know I’m manically cleaning the house or yard and my mind is going 90mph.
Woke up furious knowing all the things that were stressing me out. It’s a good thing I didn’t have the energy to start sending nasty email and text messages. Three days later and I’m still feeling lousy. It’s odd to hear, “That’s great you went 4 months”.
-Rant over
pretty much life, stress is my main trigger, and i was assuming it was from a buildup of a certain chemical in my system then when it was happy to release i am drooling somewhere
I know stress is a major trigger for me, but many of my seizures have occurred when I'm doing normal things, or even just sitting there. I definitely wouldn't consider taking a glass from the bedroom to the kitchen, emptying a dishwasher or taking a shower stressful things. Those are some examples of when I have had complex partial seizures which have caused me to fall/get hurt (but not severely). In some cases, I had taken my morning medication only a few hours earlier!
I’m going to try and catch myself before the manic behavior gets to far ahead of me. I looked at my Spotify playlist and can see the song selection go from mellow to Loud Live. If the music is sounding amazing and I’m dancing around like Tom Cruise in Risky Business😝.
Then I need to recognize it and change something.
I often wonder if this is the high illegal drug users are looking for. I may just be on too much medication. I’m going to try and explain this better to my Dr.

There was a sense of relief after this seizure. I clearly recognizing what had me all wound up. Then the pain set in. Feeling somewhat better today. 👍. Thanks for letting me babble 🙃
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