Third hand smoke


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Have you ever heard of third hand smoke? Is third hand smoke a new concept arising? I've only heard of it a few days ago, third hand smoke is the remnants or chemicals left on surfaces after smoking. It seems that third hand smoke is horrible too.
Never heard of it. Smoke lingers in furniture with porus fabrics. I'm fairly sensitive to it and avoid smoking spaces best I can.
Never heard of it. From a scientific point of view though, to get any sort of effect from being around a place where people have previously smoked, you would have to have continuous exposure and extremely sensitive skin to have any sort of reaction from residual chemicals. Assuming the person has also never cleaned, and smoked over 100 a day in the same place with exactly the same furniture etc. Seems kind of up there with chemtrails and vaccination conspiracies if i'm honest.

Edit - I think i misunderstood what you meant, i answered above as if, for example, you move into a place where a previous tenant smoked, or touch something that a smoker had touched. If you mean where a person has just put out a cigarette then picks up child etc, that could count as they would still have the smell of smoke and the nicotine etc clinging to them. In that case, if you can smell it and you're extremely sensitive it could affect you.
you can tell wear my dad sits because the light fixtures are darker from smoke
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