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Home-made (I use milk & dark chocolate syrup)

Pecans or Walnuts? --I love both
I do too, Hershey's. I make it thick as motor oil and drink it trough a straw. :)

Mystery or Romance Novel? --I prefer Mysteries & Horror Stories
Standalones - They can be easier to take care of

Wearing socks to bed or not
Full-length silk nightgowns (LOL sorry, couldn't resist) PJ's. Old scrubs, actually, with an equally old Tshirt. They soften with age.

Garage, or Driveway parking?
Sedan (for local trips, SUV for long ones--more space)

Airplane or train?

Electric or Manual Toothbrush? (I use an electric toothbrush)
Pancakes--especially blueberry

English Muffins or Bagels? --I prefer Bagels
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