This or that?

Skydiving--I've always loved to try "scary" things

Cash or Credit Card?
Ranch, most often, but depending, Italian although it makes my stomach hurt haha

Elephants or primates?
Car Show--they're interesting even though I don't drive

Condo or Single Family Home?
Alaska--If I HAD to (neither, actually--I'd prefer a place w/4 different seasons)

Snow or Water Skiing? --I've been snow skiing
Snow -- If I HAD to (neither, actually--I don't like snow or water) ;)

Balloon ride or Hay ride?
Balloon Ride--I'd love to see the views

National Parks or Amusement Parks? --I love both, but husband & sons don't care for amusement parks
Amusement parks, I think I'm still young enough to ride a roller coaster.

Garden or Grocery store
Downtown The state next to me is rebuilding their downtown quite nice.

Ice water or Lemonade?
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