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About 2 weeks ago a tornado or strong wind gust,they aren't sure which, went through the are that I live. I live out in the country and our family houses are next door to each other - mine, my parents, grandparents, the business they used to own (selling and working on lawn tractors) and a large warehouse that tings are stored.
Eight very large trees fell, one was over 36 feet high. We had to higher some people to help cut up the trees and my dad and friends sawed up what they could. The only thing that was hit was the porch roof of one of the houses and part of the gutter of the warehouse. - You'd never believe it!

These are two of the smallest!

small tree.jpgtree 2.jpg
That is nice looking land. Shame about the trees.

We had high winds about a week or so ago too. ~20ft tall palm tree in our back yard (suburbs) apparently had a rotten trunk and broke in half. The palm fell on the neighbors garage and our shared fence. Thankfully no damage to their garage, but the fence needs repair.
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