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I had an idea for a new game last night

anyone familiar with iPhones etc knows some of the strange words that come up prior to auto-correct

the game would be similar in play to the word-scramble game wherein one player would present a "typo" spelling a word using the letters of the word or the keyboard letters surrounding the letters of the word, and the next poster would be the "auto-correct" for the typo, and write the correct word, and then present a typo of their own
(the letters must be abutting the correct letters of the word, be the letters themselves, or be a reasonable abutment/diagonal)

player 1 plays:

and player two would solve it as:
then present their own typo:

the next player plays:

and so on

so I'll start and see if anyone is omrwrrstrs...
clarification on the rules:

iPhone has an auto-correct so that typing sloppily with fat fingers such as mine the phone will suggest a correction and have it auto-correct

example, typing "tgr" will auto-correct to "the"
typing "yjr" will too, "gge" will too... because the letters abut the correct letters and the iphone has some smart programming

you need to look at the keyboard to get the gist of the game
look at the spelling of "the" and look at the letters surrounding t h & e
looking at the keyboard will probably be necessary to play the game

(and a way to cheat would be to type the misspelled words into an iPhone, or other device that has the same type of auto-correct)

so the game plays by a player solving the previous typo: "yjr" = "the"
and then by entering their own typo for the next player to unscramble

Crunchyfrog got it right so let's go on from there


ok wow this is pretty tough as is

how about some additional rules

to make it a little easier to start off, words must contain 6 or fewer letters

and/or the word must be in the middle of a sentence context in that it must be preceded and followed by a word that put the scramble into a proper context

and/or the word must contain zero correct letters

I would prefer the game be solvable within a reasonable amount of time for the sake of tempo
iPhone is not necessary
I was just using one of the iPhone functions as an example
it's basically a form of encryption replacing a letter with any letter that surrounds that letter on a keyboard
I'm starting this one over with the rule that the words must contain 6 or fewer letters.

I turned off autocorrect on my phone because I chanced upon a website called 'damn you autocorrect'.
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I can barely understand my own game now again!.!.!.

this is encryption using abutting keyboard keys to spell a word
example: "word" could be spelled; qpes, epts, spef...
one player will encrypt a word using that method (6 or fewer letters) and the next players have to decode the word- give the answer- and then encrypt a word they come up with to use as the next word

I'll start again:

(four letter words seems like a comfortable pace for this game)
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