Unnecessary trip to the ER. 😣

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Heavy Kevy

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Had my seizure and fell down. They have all sorts of heart monitors hooked up. My heart and pulse are excellent. I’ve been asked if I was some kind of athlete before. I’m in the ER with consistent bells going off because no beds are open. The only reason they have me staying overnight is so I don’t loose my spot in line for another test tomorrow.
This is pointless. What I need is sleep!
Rant over 😠
Sorry about the seizure, hope you managed to get some sleep and feel better

We all know how frustrating unnecessary trips to ER can be but we also know how long it can take to get in to have tests

Good luck with your test, hope all gos well
They randomly gave me a chest x-ray at 3 am.
I’m waiting to take a picture of my brain!
Hi Heavy Kevy,

Sorry to hear that you had a seizure. I went to see my Dr. once for a check up and had a seizure and the next thing you
know I had 3 Drs. in a room watching over me and an ambulance taking me to the ER. That was the end of seeing that Dr.
and I reported him to administration. If a Dr. doesn't know what to do when a person has a seizure then they shouldn't be
in the medical field. Get your rest and good luck on the test. Wishing you only the best and May God Bless You!

Sorry to hear about the seizure @Heavy Kevy . Hospitals in general are difficult places to sleep. The ER specifically is noisy and busy.

I hope you were able to relax and catch a few Zs.
Ever play touch your nose then touch my finger with the Doc?😄
I ended up having three different neurologist see me. One was a group of 5 training I assumed.
They asked the same questions. The only time I got them to say “Hmmm” is when I explained the seizures had basically stopped until I switched to Generic Lamictal in May. I have discussed it with my Dr before. I’m going to be asking again.
They have an issue with athletes. The blood oxygen rates and resting heart rates throw off test results to the point that they assume you are obese, old, or something stranger. if they don't read the entire file
I hate going to the ER!! I've told family members that even if I burn myself DON'T take me there unless it's necessary.
If someone else, some stranger, calls for an ambo why are WE the ones stuck with the bill and not the (well meaning I'm sure) idiot who called them? I've told the EMTs MANY times that I'm not paying for this, may as well just pull over and stop, and was told that I'd be billed anyway. THOUSANDS of dollars for a taxi to a hospital that discharges me in a matter of hours depending on how busy they are with real emergencies, and I'm having to pay for that too? IT SHOULD BE A CRIME. I have so many episodes that I can't count, fortunately when out I have my Wife with me who intervenes now, telling people NOT to call for an ambulance and that it's basically over and she's taking me home.
Thank our Maker for Wives.
I agree 100% about all the bills--even with insurance. At least I have my husband &/or sons around most of the time, and they know what to do. They'll call out to me if they hear a loud noise somewhere in the house. At the aquarium, for example (where I had 2), if I'd been alone, who knows what would have happened. After the second, my family had me sit in wheelchair for the rest of the time we were there just to be safe.
Before we had children, my wife worked as a Safety, Health and Environmental supervisor at an industrial facility. She quit that job when we started our family (had children), but started volunteering with our city's volunteer fire department (VFD) checking/calibrating their air monitoring equipment. Because she was actively volunteering at the local VFD, the city's EMS service did not charge her for any ambulance rides. I was never sure if that was an official policy/deal or just one of those good guy deals, but it was helpful during a rough period when my wife was having great difficulty with her seizure control.
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