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Feeling like an idiot. Finally went a month without a seizure. Reluctantly decided to join my wife and daughter for a trip to Atlanta. Five nights in a hotel. Knew it was too much 😡 The trip down took about 10 hours between getting to the airport, flying and checking in. It’s too much. Had a seizure the first night and spent the rest of the time in the hotel room. If I had the strength I would have flown home the next day.
I believe the month I had seizure free had a lot to do with my fractured shoulder. Where I was unable to do much and was getting plenty of sleep.
I’m done traveling for now.
((Rant over))
I'm sorry about the seizure. 😢

Please don't beat yourself up over taking the trip - how were you supposed to know?? I hope once you got home you felt better quickly. **hugs**
Thanks CathyAnn 🤗
It was a unique return once I got home. I experienced what a “good cry” feels like for the first time. Along with my own woes, I was mostly thinking about how awful it must be for my family to see me in such anguish.
I then transitioned into a state of blissful peace. Thankful for all I have and have done in my life. Music sounded incredible and the fresh air was invigorating. Especially after breathing recycled hotel A/C for five nights. This mentally upbeat and positive experience lasted for over a day with only 3 hours of sleep. I didn’t want the day to end. Simply wasn’t tired.
Thankfully I never reached the manic state where I have had daytime seizures. The Nayzilam rescue inhaler appears to be doing its job. Thanks again
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We all have Covid. I might not of had a seizure after all. I may have misjudged my thc intake upon arrival home as well.

I’m declining the 30 + day streak alive!!!

“Right now I’m having amnesia and déjà vu at the same time. I think I’ve forgotten this before.”
Steven Wright
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Well damn..and I bet that is part of feeling so crappy on vacation. As for the thc, it can make things worse if you're sick. At least it does for me.
I meant to say I’m declaring (not declining) my 30 plus seizure free streak alive 🙄

Kinda wacky I’d prefer Covid over a seizure. The whole family has it so no major precautions / changes in the house. I’ll need to reschedule a few Dr appointments, but besides that my day won’t change much.
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