Would like some feedback for a student project

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Hello everyone,

My name is a Michael. I'm a senior graphic design student in university working on a project about epilepsy stigma. As part of my project, I'd like to conduct a survey about people with epilepsy and their experiences facing stigma in their day-to-day lives. The survey is completely anonymous and only five questions long (just yes or no questions). This project is very important to me; while I don't have epilepsy, my mother does and I've watched her face challenges, both externally and internally, from her epilepsy. Although it's just a student project, I'd like to push it further after I graduate to help educate and fight back against the stigma that people with the condition face. If you have the opportunity to answer, I would greatly appreciate it. The link to the survey is posted at the bottom of this message.

I also want to apologize if this is breaking any rules of the forum. I didn't see any restrictions about posting, but if this type of post isn't allowed, please let me know and I will delete the thread.

Link to the survey here.
Hi Michael, I moved your thread to the correct forum room.
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