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First post. My 18 year old son is on 300mg of xcopri, 200mg BID amictal and 10mg BID of Onfi. Does anyone have experience taking xcopri and onfi together? He is so tired, sleeping 14 hours at night and taking a nap some days. Also, his balance has gotten worse and has trouble walking which he did not before. I have searched a lot and have only found the drug interactions can cause these side effects but no specific dosing recommendations when prescribed together. We are talking with our neurologist regularly and they have reduced the onfi a couple weeks ago. Just looking for any advice. Thanks in advance.
Hi Snax32,

Welcome to CWE! You son should not be on xcopri and onfi these two drugs interact with each other and will make your son
extremely exhausted and on top of that his balance and motor skills may be off, and it will be hard for him to focus.
I've had epilepsy for 51 yrs. and take my word the best thing for you to do to help your son is to have the Dr. order a DNA test
by doing this the Dr. will be able to see the amount of enzymes in his liver and see his body chemistry and by looking at that they
will be able to find the best seizure med for him with the least side effect or show if he is drug resistant. I am drug reistant so my
Dr. told me to start using the medical marijuana and that has done wonders reducing my seizures. I buy it online at plus cbd and I
get it in a mouth spray and spray it in my mouth twice a day and I can't believe how it has reduced my seizures. Have your son
cut back on the carbs and starch foods and stay away from nutra sweet (apartame) because that will cause more electrical activity
in the brain and in turn trigger seizures.
I wish you and your son only the best and May God Bless the Both of You,

Hello. I'm taking Xcopri--200mg/day, but with 500mg Zonisamide/day (I take 300mg of it in the morning, 200mg in the night). I've taken the Xcopri at night since I started taking it. My neurologist said that would minimize it's side effects, & I feel that is true.
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