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View Poll Results: Which of the following psychic phenomenon have you experienced?
I know who is on the phone before I pick it up (without caller ID!) 40 39.60%
I know the unknowable: I know the future, secret things about others, or other types of "knowing." 48 47.52%
My psychic "knowing" almost always turns out later to be true. 55 54.46%
I speak directly with god(s)/angels or I've heard/talked with demons. 14 13.86%
I see dead people. Sometimes I might even talk with them. 18 17.82%
I can physically affect objects, like bend spoons or move pencils. 2 1.98%
I'm electrical. Watches stop or run oddly, I short out things, lights go haywire, or I shock people. 27 26.73%
I see auras around people. I feel their vibration or frequency, or I can see into their soul. 35 34.65%
I've seen UFO's or encountered aliens. 10 9.90%
Other. 47 46.53%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 101. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 04-22-2014, 11:52 PM
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It must have something to do with the epilepsy. I too have the empathy thing. When I was in the ICU it always came in handy, but by the end of my shift i was so emotionally and mentally drained. Even at night there were times I would go to the beach and walk along the shorline and dip my feet in the ocean, I needed that salt air for the cleansing I think and also the recharging. I can also "read" people. I'm sure I'm not the only one that can do that. You know what I mean, Pick up on the good/bad vibe or energy of someone and know their intentions? I don't mean mind=reading, it's more like just like I said, "people-reading". It sucks though at parties sometimes when there are so many energies at once and your like a t.v. or sattelite and your trying to pick out one energy at a time to try and focus. Not to freak anyone out, but when I was a kid, I had dreams where great-grandparents or other relatives that passed away came to me. Freaked my sister out, she wanted to move out of our room. Am I the only one that has that happen to. Scientists say we only use 10% of our brains, maybe we use more of ours given the fact that parts of our brains spazz out every now and again. Who knows, when that part spazzes, another part takes over the load and it's a part that other people don't have working. Some of those thingfs that I can do I keep to myself, I like to keep my friends and family on their toes and me a step ahead. Though I wish I could use it to win the lottery.
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Old 04-23-2014, 12:29 PM
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In reply to tiggy'smom:

My wife is an empath. She is not epileptic, but at parties, if everyone is drinking, regardless of not drinking, she still feels a little drunk. She picks up on the energies around her. She will always have to come down off of the feelings she gets
I'm the one who reads people. It is part of my job for one, but to me that is a rather normal thing. I pic up on the demeanor, eye movement, gestures, etc.
I've also had dreams of dead family members. Very vivid. Once on a night that other family members dreamed of the same person.
Recently my wife woke up up and asked, "What the hell is that smell?!" My response: "My grandma".
I agree that our brains are capable of far more that what we commonly do every day. This is what makes the brain so hard to understand.
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Old 04-23-2014, 01:21 PM
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I always know when my Grandfather is near, I smell cigar and doublemint gum, just like his cars. It's such a comfort. The empath thing can be a gift and a curse, I know tht's a cliche, but it's true. I can walk into a room and know if there has been a fight even if the room is empty. I can walk into a party and know if it is a safe situation. I think it has saved my life many times, especially the reading people thing. My mother's mom could do it. But in nursing the empath was really hard because of just how sick people were and how much was going on with them. I often would pick up whatever they had or were feeling. That's why it's so hard right now with what's going on with my mom, I can't be around family because i have to "bolt" out of the room alot just to clear my own thoughts and feelings or maybe theirs.
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Old 10-29-2014, 03:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Rae1889 View Post:
I have done a tonne of creepy things in my life. so prepare for this to be long.

Just this morning I wanted to call in sick today because I had a seizure Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I called in yesterday and I still feel terrible today, but got this nagging thought that they need me. sure enough my controller called in today. she's at the hospital for her gall bladder.

I had predicted several peoples deaths. and not saved a single one. my grandma being the first one at age 9. then my new next door neighbour shortly after that. he came in to meet us, him and his wife, and it looked like his face was liquidy and melted and he was all blue and didnt blink. I freaked out yelling that he's dead. and my mum just told me to quit being rude and go to my room. he had a heart attack or stroke in the shower that night and died. the hot water had burned his face so bad it melted.

I have predicted major disasters and I have solved murder cases. particularly the latest too are Tori Stafford and Jessica Lloyd. I knew they were dead as soon as I read they were missing. and I even knew where to find the bodies and who killed them. But I rarely have the guts to tell anyone before hand.

Electrical things freak out around me. I went to a freinds place and her fire alarm would go off each timeI got frustrated at the game we were playing. I can never get microwaves to work. they always blow a breaker. Light bulbs have burnt out, streetlights turn off, watches die, and cars stall. *sucks to be the people driving me& I shock lots of people. all the time My cell phone always frezes or turns off. I take it in and they say its fine. The elevator doors open for me without touching the button and they are not motion detected.

I am very empathetic. I'm not sure if its because I can pay attention to detail no matter how small or because I can really just "get inside someones head". I can tell when something is wrong even when the person is having fun and laughing and not thinking about what is wrong.

I am good at the "mind reading" games. where you have cards upside down and you have to guess if its a star. heart, X or waves and then check your answer after. I can always guess something before it happens. phone rings, or when I can expect an email
Merry Meet Rae, I found this so interesting i know lots of things about deaths see auras energy all differant colours, reiki healing crystal healing pentium healing ouija board mediums psychic open circle spiritbox ghostbox paranormal tarrot cards tea leafs etc, I can remember mutithings going wrong cant explained, my Uncle was mentally ill something telling me after church one day 235 bus waiting for H20 or H22 I was waiting for H20 however gut feeling telling me H22 got off bus where my Uncle bus stop strong gut feeling see my Uncle i went to his place i was 24 hours carrer Uncle had mental breakdown i was staying there 24 hours carrer put him in hospital section, which i am pleased i done that, make sure clean bath him medication shave etc, He was bonce of the walls jumping on beds sofa laughing policeman etc it was nightmare but done it got tshirt, i have experance ghost touch me nothing scare me, i love talking to dead people trying to help them to pass over, i know this year i been though hell and back but i always do healings stuff far as remember, Blessed To Be Gizmo xxx

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Old 10-29-2014, 03:52 PM
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I am not diagnosed with Epilepsy (Neurologist still running tests, seeking answers/treatment), which is why I didn't vote in the poll. However I have Partial Seizures (Epileptic/Non-E unknown) and relate to this thread SO MUCH and wanted to comment

Non related to the psychic seizure auras I have - I have a lot of the mentioned happen, but I always keep it to myself (I mean, I might be diagnosed with NEAD prematurely as it is!).

But the main things I do are:
  • Know when a phone is about to ring. I can almost feel a buzzing/static/fuzzy feeling in my head, like electrical pulses. Then the phone rings (especially cell phones).
  • Same thing above with timers. Like oven/kitchen timers.
  • When listening to the radio, sometimes I all of a sudden get a song in my head. And that will be the next song that will play. Like my brain received the radio signal before the radio did.

Other weird stuff:
  • Sometimes when I am having a aura or spell while on my phone/browsing the internet: the internet will slow down or stop working completely.

And I always wondered about something...
My first smart phone the Cingular Palm Centro (I cant recollect years of my past, or remember to put on socks, but I remember the name of that phone. And IDK how LOL), every time I had it in my hand and I received a call or text it would make the radio/TV/computer (whatever electronic I was in front of) static. Like obvious static, everyone around me noticed it. But if it wasn't in my hand and I received something it was fine! It was the weirdest thing and I always wondered if it was me or my phone that was weird :P
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Old 10-30-2014, 11:17 AM
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Short List:

Premonitions (one documented by "healthcare" professionals)
Seen Ghosts from an early age (not kidding)
Spoke with/listened to/seen dead people (in dreams. both known to me and unknown yet connected to people I do know. Freaks them out when I describe the person and they pull out a photo and I say "yup!")
A "knowing" of things not quite right. (also annoys my daughter to no end!)
Other stuff...
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Old 10-30-2014, 11:46 AM
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Two occasions I can remember both brought pain and sadness.

When I was 12yr, I used to like the song "End Of The Road". But when I learned about a sick relative that changed. I didn't know how sick the relative was, just that he was sick. Every time afterwards when that song would play I would get the feeling of sad and pain. When the time came to drive out to finally see the sick relative that feeling of sad and pain was worse. We were not there less than a day when he died. The night before he died the song "End Of The Road" was playing on the radio. Was that a psychic phenomena I Experienced, possibly. I've always had a strong connection to music.

__________________________________________________ _____________________

The other occasion involves dreams I had when I was around 15yr. For about I week I was having vivid dreams with a car. It wasn't just a car, it was a blue car. With each dream I'd wake up in pain and fear. That blue car always brought me pain and sadness in my dreams. Then it finally happened the next day. It was a snow day from school. I was sound asleep when I loud banging awoke me. It was the authorities notifying us of an accident. One of the vehicles involved was a blue car, which caused the accident.
Was that a psychic phenomena I Experienced, possibly.
Member of the Epilepsy Foundation.
Undiagnosed sufferer of Dysgraphia.
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RTLS went well 5 years down, life to go!, *Trileptal 900MG AM / 1200MG PM* (until I feel ready to reduce dosage once other issues are under control)
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Old 01-25-2015, 03:18 PM
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me too

SO happy about this thread.

I have always known who was on the phone, picked it up before it rings, known the next song on the radio, known when there would be a birth or death in our family. Hugged my best friend goodbye one day and burst into tears, told I would not see her again- she said don't be ridiculous we have plans on Sunday...the next day there was a tragic emergency in the family and I had to move suddenly, haven't seen her in a year so far.

I've always had a 'knowing'. I too have picked the correct lotto numbers, and I too bungled it and didn't win! (bought the maxiumum draws, 10, forgot to renew it, the 11th draw was every number) I have also known when I watch news if the missing person is dead, and always wished I could work with police to solve murders.

The WEIRDEST thing to ever happen was in Arkansas, in an area I later learned was an area riddled with underground quartz crystal mines, AND it was on intersected ley lines. The energy was INTENSE, and I saw what I can only describe as the sky being ripped open, and a man's face peering through. I have found a painting by an artist who apparently saw similar, because his painting looks just like it. I can't enter images yet as I'm newbie to boards; google artist Warren and painting is "don't mess with mother nature".
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Old 01-25-2015, 09:10 PM
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A lot of famous epileptics experienced a psychic phenomena such as Socrates and Kierkegaard. Kierkegaard wrote explicitly about his religiosity, something I wrote about when I was a bb undergrad. And of course, Dostoyevsky's The Prince from The Idiot is also a foil for Jesus (a Type) and likewise had some religious phenomena; however, my readings on it have disprove any sort of "God spot" since they are all tied to seizure activity, not true religious experiences, so I don't feel any inclinations toward God or religion.

I think it's fascinating that the brain is capable of doing these things, sort of like near death experiences or "seeing God," which again is simply the brain.

Science, man!
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Old 10-25-2015, 02:58 PM
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I love think was supernatural but in my case I have temporal lobe I think that a lot to with it
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Old 12-21-2015, 05:46 AM
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I'm pretty new to all this, but wow I can't believe this is so common with epileptics. I've experienced things like this all my life. I remember when I was a kid and my best friend was balancing on a fallen tree branch above a stream, I had an overwhelming urge that it was going to snap, I shouted "BANG" and low and behold it did. Also, I (embarrassingly) play bingo a lot. If my boyfriend says do I want to go, I'll know whether or not one of us will win something that night and base whether I want to go on that. I can also predict when certain numbers will be called.

Another strange thing happens with my sister, we've often been called witches (jokingly) as we seem to experience "twin brain" without actually being twins. But I honestly think this is more to do with me than her, because it always seems to be me who knows what she's thinking rather than the other way round. There are countless other times too, but they're too many to list! It's actually perked me up a bit, does make you feel kinda special.
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