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    Epilepsy Club at School

    Hello, I am currently a university student and I recently inherited the epilepsy c;ub at my school. I would love to connect the club with others across the country/internationally. I also would like to know if any of you have an epilepsy club and have ideas on how to raise awareness across...
  2. 2ndchances

    Felt creative -- Stupid Stigma

    As I was helping my son with a writing assignment, I got my own little inspiration, and put this together :)
  3. P

    Epilepsy Advocacy Letter — Sample

    Dear Friend / Neighbor, This isn’t a note asking for money. (Although feel free to donate if you want to!) It’s about epilepsy. Because even though over 3 million Americans have it (more than Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, and Parkinson’s Disease combined), no one...
  4. P

    Epilepsy Awareness Brainstorm!

    This is about awareness, not fundraising. Although if funds came out of it, that’s ok! Last night, I kicked around the idea of starting a grass-roots epilepsy advocacy group. (The working name is Epilepsy Awareness Alliance, although it doesn’t matter.) Nothing to do with the government, but...
  5. P

    YEEEEE HAAAAA! Harrison Ford and the cast and crew of “Morning Glory” talk about epil

    On the red carpet at the premiere of new movie “Morning Glory,” the cast talks about epilepsy… They disclose those who are near and dear to them who have epilepsy, its effects upon family and society and the need for awareness, education and research…...
  6. P

    Sharing Awareness

    I was on a film set for the past 3 days and got to know the crew pretty well. At the end of the shoot, I gave everyone from the talent to the intern an epilepsy awareness bracelet. The sound mixer cried. The production manager thanked me profusely. The make-up artist put it on right away...
  7. P

    Honor Epilepsy Awareness Month With YOUR Contribution

    Ironically, I heard on the news that the Juvenile Diabetes Philadelphia branch was moving to new quarters to house their expanded staff. At the very same time, our branch of The Epilepsy Foundation was in the process of laying off employees because of drastic cuts in state and federal funding...
  8. P

    Katie Couric Reports On Epilepsy: A Fight For The Cure

    (CBS) "Susan and David Axelrod's oldest daughter Lauren had tried 23 different medications and an unsuccessful brain surgery to control her epilepsy by the time she was 18. When doctors could not stop her dangerous and devastating seizures, the Axelrods realized that they would have to do...
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