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  1. G

    Yet Another Newbie!- Vimpat and Low Blood Sugar

    Hi my name is Katy, I have had JME (Juvenile Myolconic Epilepsy) for the past 6 years, if you aren't familiar with it basically it means I have 3 types of seizures- grand mal, absence, and myoclonic jerks. The first medication that they put me on was Keppra which caused be to go crazy so I am...
  2. pretty_liquor

    Seizures and hunger/low blood sugar

    Hello, I've always noticed that if I'm hungry I'm more likely to have a seizure. I try to eat at set times. I've been tested for diabetes a few times due to the reaction I have when I haven't eaten for a while - shaky, pale, weak, and then usually an aura and/or seizure. I've been told my...
  3. F

    help with seizures

    hi there, i ve been having undiagnosed seizures for the past nine years since i had my first child,(read profile to get full story) ive only just been referred to a neurologist now as the doctors ive had in the past have been useless. but lately they have got worse i'm having partial seizures at...
  4. W

    New here

    Hi all! Does anyone have experience with seizures caused by high blood sugar? I've had epilepsy since age 4 and been on Dilantin since 1985. Recently discovered that my blood sugar is out of whack, and probably has been for a long, long time. At this point I don't know if it's the dilantin...
  5. B

    Seizures after 14 years - not reacting to meds well

    Hi. I am new here. I had 4 seizures when I was 15 years old. They started in my leg and then spread to grand mal. It is very odd because I remember them entirely. My first one happened while I was sleeping and I thought I was being possessed by a demon. I managed to crawl across the house...
  6. RobinN

    Seizures caused by Low Blood Sugar