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    Brain Game Room Chat Board - Talk About It!

    WELCOME TO THE BRAIN GAME ROOM CHAT BOARD... TALK ABOUT IT! Spill the beans! We all have our "weaknesses" one way or another - due to genetic, mitochondrial, surgery, medication, etc - all because of Epilepsy (but one does not have to have Epilepsy to play among the boards - everyone can...
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    Word Train

    Responses begin with the last letter of the previous word Examples: gnomes - small - little ----------------------------------- little = enormous = sizes ----------------------------------- sizes = small = lost ----------------------------------- lost = tomorrow =...
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    Scrambled User Names

    Object: Take the letters from your username and the previous word to make a new word of at least 5 letters in length. If its no fun, we quit... If you have a suggestion for a new rule or a rule change then have at it.... 2nd rule: you have to use at least 2 letters from your username and at...
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    Another one of the most beloved brain powered internet games one can play; looks easy, but think again! Rules are simple, try to decipher what the previous poster had posted and once unscrambled and you can post the next word (unscrambled of course) for the next poster to unscramble! Example...
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    Brain Freeze

    Beloved all time Internet Word Game. Take the previous poster's Word and come up with at least 10 words or more and then post the NEW WORD for the next poster to come up with 10 or more words. Remember - Keep it "G" and the rules are simple. The First Poster that has responded gets the credit...
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    Rack Along

    Here is another "ancient" brain-power early word game used in early internet heydays. Called "Rack Along". It's really tough! One must be able to rack the word (before or after) but keeping in mind that it has to be used again. (NOTE: it can be hilarious at times) See below for example...
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    One of the earliest internet "scrabble"-like game called "String-Along, read below for an example of how it is played (easier read than played) - Put on your Thinking Caps! --------------------- Quibble 5 letter word after B please - NEXT ------------- Broth 7 letter word after O please -...
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