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Spill the beans! We all have our "weaknesses" one
way or another - due to genetic, mitochondrial,
surgery, medication, etc - all because of Epilepsy
(but one does not have to have Epilepsy to play
among the boards - everyone can participate these
fun games!)


One of my major problematic issue which I will be
frank is the scrambled words. You will rarely ever
find me ever posting in there - my mind literally goes
"blank". No matter which way I try to put it together,
a kindergartner can probably wipe me out in seconds!

This area here over the years (or rather decades itself),
especially in neuropsychological testing - those words
have me at a complete "zoned out" phase.

Other area of hindrance to me is especially of today,
those that puts strain into the "thought process", whereas
it can induce seizures.


Then there are many others who struggles with cognitive
functionality - I have some issues and areas myself that
in which I've learned to work around, but it does not fully
compensate the loss completely.

It does not matter if medications (anti-epileptic drugs) are
involved or not ---> but there have been some anti-epileptic
drugs that have made some impact; but being upfront and
honest --> I struggle with memory issues. At this present
point - it has become a reliance upon my computer and/or other
resources - to keep me in synchronization, or otherwise
I'd be at complete lost.

I do become embarrassed - and it does become frustrating.
For just moments after telling me something, I'd no sooner forget!


All the more to loathe Epilepsy, it is even more insinuating, like
my son implied, "it's annoying when she (mom) seizing and we're
trying to talk to her and she's trying to understand and she's off
on another planet" ... that is probably the best description I think
is what my son remarked word for word ... if not CM would correct
me ... *laughing*

But this is "OUR SPOT" - where we can unleash our "brain game"
frustration - whether it be simple word game to math such as
Sudoku to Puzzles - or whatever it might be...

Here - Feet are allowed on the coffee table and you can

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And a few more things ....

Also an addendum, keep in mind this thread/chat room
is pertaining to those revolving around games.

I do want to add that you can Talk About It:

Photic / Semi-Photic Games

Struggles / Memory Issues / Weaknesses & Strengths

News (example - "Epilepsy Labels now on Video Games")

and so forth ....
So feel free to TALK ABOUT IT!

Any other issues that are non-game issues, post it over
in the CWE's Kitchen Forum - in the Epilepsy Related issues.

This way we can keep everything in Synchronization.

A Poll is coming up .... and will post a link to it on this thread
here as it will be posted in the back fence!

Here is the Poll - already people are voting!

The poll is completely PRIVATE! *YAY* and people
have already begun to vote as soon as I put it up,
it has to be a record folks! Votes within seconds
after being put up! No one will KNOW who voted
so you have all the privacy in the world! Also it is
a multiple choice vote, I put that there to throw
"lurkers" out of the loop on purpose!


But here's the link:

Memory and Cognitive Functionality Issues
video gamw warning

I have experience in this area. I have had E since 1996 and in 1999 just after I got married I was playing a video game on my husbands console and he left the room momentarily and came back moments later to find me sitting the the floor where he had left me just a moment before, but now I was deep into a t/c. This was his first experience with seizures and was left with no choice but to call 911. I came around half way to the hospital, to a freaking out husband and a million questions I could not answer from the EMT. After that I have been very careful when playing games. I don't play ones with lots of lights or rapid movement. I watch even the games I watch him play, and when the little muscle behind my eye starts to twitch it is time to stop watching or else. I have not gotten a positive on light sensitivity on my EEG's but I know my own body and now understand why they have those warnings on those games.
Does only certain games impact and affect you or
all of them? Being only semi-photic, certain games
affect and effects me while others do not.

Ironically the older games and old consoles did not
have so much problematic issue with me, unless I
played with it for prolonged period of time.

Maybe I am wrong but it just so it seems that once
graphics, accelerators, and other events - including
"cheats" - can really send one off!

And it's almost 'unfair' ...
how about a 7-letter word style of game that requires at least two letters from the end of the previous post? but that does not require a 7-letter word


i never heard of nomic game gonna give it a go later today....i find letters game difficult they all merge with dyslexia
nomic is a game OF games. it can get complex, that's the fun of it AND it is THE reason why it's an ideal game for keeping one's brain fit! I play an ongoing game of nomic inside my own head with myself and several other virtual players all of whom have strict rules about how they vote but it's exhausted it's fascination because it's very predictable. I mostly just use it to fall asleep now.

it is a little complex at first, but the basic immutable rules are RIGHT THERE and chess is complicated at first also, until you learn the rules and then it's just a whole lot of fun.

I also find the Word games a bit tiresome, at one point i found myself trying to play all three active word games at once just for the challenge and then once I got to where i could do that i got bored.

Nomic will be fun.
Ok my wife says "Isaac, people are not going to want to play Nomic with you because they won't see the fun in it. You need to explain how it can be fun to them". Ok I will explain how it can be fun.

the Fun in Nomic comes from a few different places, first of all you have a real influence on how the game actually works. Since it is a game of rules and since it is potentially self modifying it can literally go any place.

Secondly it's fun to try and manipulate the rules of the game it's self to serve your own purposes, in other words to acquire power for it's own sake or just to see if you can sneak one past the other players. that IS fun.

Thirdly Nomic is fun in that it allows one to become an 'agent' within an implementation of game theory, or in other words to experience first hand as part of a complex system, how complex systems can self modify and so to better and more intuitively comprehend how they work :)

Finally the best reason nomic is fun... basically in anyway you can make it fun it can be fun! And it's the only game i can think of for which this is true. if you have an idea for a rule which would make the game more fun you CAN nominate it and if it passes vote, then just like magic the game is more fun.

there we go
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