1. Phams413

    Itchy Head?

    Hello there, Ive been taking 300mg of Carbatrol/Carbamazepine the last few months while lowering my dosage of keppra. I started to notice in January my scalp had been getting itchier and itchier, also my lymph nodes have been swelling around the back of my neck and sometimes the area feels just...
  2. R

    Memory problems and AEDs?

    Hi, I am a new member, my name is Robin and I am from the UK. I am 51 years old and have been complaining of memory problems for a long time now. This year I read a brief article on the side effects of anti-epileptic drugs, which included memory, speed of thinking and movement, and I am thinking...
  3. brain

    Cardiovascular problems: Common AEDS may increase risk of cardiovascular problems

    Cardiovascular problems: Common anti-seizure drugs may increase risk of cardiovascular problems
  4. H

    Stomach problem

    Meds: Levetiracetam, (2) 750mg twice a day; Carbamazepine, (1) 200mg 3 times a day. Every so often my stomach has this feeling of :pfft:. Just uneasy all day. Acting like an antagonist. Making fun of me. I'm able to function, but laying down is calling. Doctor has no answer. Anyone else have...
  5. B

    Tegretol causes weight gain?

    I was prescribed tegretol by my neuro. Ive read 'awful' stories in the web of people gaining huge amounts of weight on it. I asked my neuro to give me something that wouldnt have such side effect. I'm just begining to recover from bulimia and i know that putting on weight at th wis point would...
  6. C

    Carbamazepine treatment

    Hi I have been using carbamazepine 200mg for the last 5 years. During that period of time I almost stopped exercising because of joint aches and pains. Does anyone here have similar sort of problem here?
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