1. J

    HI-Looking for some insight & maybe support on PCOS and Epilepsy

    Hi, I'm Cassandra and I've been diagnosed with epilepsy since age 4. I've been a bunch of different AEDs and am currently taking Keppra, Carbatrol and Topamax. After a clean MRI and some blood work recently my doctor referred me back to the GYN. My testosterone came back elevated. Keppra...
  2. Phams413

    Itchy Head?

    Hello there, Ive been taking 300mg of Carbatrol/Carbamazepine the last few months while lowering my dosage of keppra. I started to notice in January my scalp had been getting itchier and itchier, also my lymph nodes have been swelling around the back of my neck and sometimes the area feels just...
  3. brain

    Cardiovascular problems: Common AEDS may increase risk of cardiovascular problems

    Cardiovascular problems: Common anti-seizure drugs may increase risk of cardiovascular problems
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