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    Cell Phones Triggering Seizures

    Hi Folks, Have any of you ever heard of cell phones triggering seizures? I found out that they trigger seizures for me when I'm in a store or at work and a lot of people are using their phone at the same time. I saw a pattern in my seizures where I was having them before school started and...
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    4G Cell phone feature and Seizures

    Hello, I'm Mali I'm 32yrs old and I had never had a Seizure in my life until a year ago, a few weeks after i began using my new 4G enabled cell phone. First they began as Simple Partial seizures and slowly progressed to Grand Mal seizures. After the first Grand Mal my husband and I...
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    Cell phones, cell phone towers, wifi signals...and seizures?

    Seizures Caused by Cell Phone Radiation: http://www.ehow.com/facts_7424090_seizures-caused-cell-phone-radiation.html GSM radiation triggers seizures and increases cerebral c-Fos positivity in rats pretreated with subconvulsive doses of picrotoxin: http://tinyurl.com/4pvpukl Hmmm? I have to...
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    Cell Phones and Microwaves

    Do you use a cell phone or microwave?