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    [News] Only Days Left to Make Epilepsy Awareness a Reality Take Action!

    Please call, email, Facebook, tweet and/or visit Speaker Boehner and Representative Upton. We need to ensure that RAISE is passed by the end of the year. With 107 cosponsors, House Resolution 298 (the RAISE Resolution) has come a long way, but this important legislation is only a few days away...
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    Please help us reach the goal of 100 government co-sponsors by April 3rd

    TIME TO R.A.I.S.E. THE STAKES! Help us reach a goal of 100 co-sponsors House Resolution 298 (Raising Awareness and Insight on Seizures and Epilepsy) was created to promote greater awareness and understanding about epilepsy among government agencies. The RAISE Resolution asks for no additional...
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