Please help us reach the goal of 100 government co-sponsors by April 3rd

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Help us reach a goal of 100 co-sponsors

House Resolution 298 (Raising Awareness and Insight on Seizures and Epilepsy) was created to promote greater awareness and understanding about epilepsy among government agencies. The RAISE Resolution asks for no additional money, just greater effort by the federal government to coordinate the use of epilepsy awareness and educational programs. All of us, including the 3 million people living with epilepsy, would benefit from the adoption of the RAISE Resolution. In a time of gridlock and partisanship, H Res 298 should be easy for anyone to support regardless of party affiliation.

Currently we have 42 co-sponsors and our goal is to have 100 co-sponsors for the resolution. Our goal is to get at least one more RAISE co-sponsor from each state by April 3rd.

Please take action NOW and click on the link below:
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