1. M

    Recreational activities and epilepsy

    I'm a parent with a child with epilepsy. As a parent, very stressful with this recent diagnosis. If you have epilepsy, what recreational activities do you participate in, or avoid? What concerns do you have when participating? What precautions do you take, if any, that might be different...
  2. Plasticmask

    New Guy

    Old married guy here, just looking to meet with others like me since I haven't been able to leave the estate on my own for years and am slowly losing my mind. Actually rather quickly losing my BRAIN, but that's another story with which I won't bore you. Epilepsy is the main symptom besides...
  3. T

    Parent/Caregiver of children with Generalized Epilepsy: Help with safety concerns for older children with Epilepsy

    I don't really know where else to start but at the beginning so there's no way to make this short. I'm hoping to find out what other parents do in similar situations and finally reaching out for support. My husband and I have been together for 25 years with no family history of epilepsy on...
  4. K

    Anxiety and Depression in People with TLE and FLE

    Hello everyone! As part of my Master’s Degree at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) I am conducting an online project on Anxiety and Depression in People with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) and People with Frontal Lobe Epilepsy (FLE). The goal of this dissertation's project is to...
  5. B1GGregNZ

    How Do You Deal with the limitations of epilepsy?

    I've had Epilepsy since i was 10 years old but wasn't diagnosed until i was 16. I was in denial until about the age of 23. Since been diagnosed i've found it hard to be motivated and find any hobbies that i enjoy. I once had a list of things i wanted to do in life but that list is getting...
  6. Y

    List of symptoms and need assistance interpreting findings

    Hi, I'm very new to this diagnosis but have had head symptoms since 2011. My symptoms were feelings like I was going to faint, a strange buzzing or vibrating feeling in my head, dizziness, random parts of body twitching, and vision changes. I have a history of migraine with aura that has...
  7. D

    Anyone ever try "CBD" oil?

    Hello All, My name is Lauren (LB) and I am a newbie. I am on a mission to gather information for my sister and my nephew, who suffers from epilepsy. His seizures have been getting worse and the medication seems to be becoming less effective. We are looking to potential alternative medicine. A...
  8. O

    [Info] All about Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

    I'd like to start a thread here to share information, articles, cases, facts and studies on Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Having recently found out I have it and suffered severly from it I would really like to raise awareness on the topic. If you have/ are suffering from TLE or know of a personal...
  9. C

    Complex Partial Seizure - misdiagnosed

    Hi All, I am new here. My husband is a truck driver and has had a few funny turns over the last few years, bouts of dizziness, tunnel vision, sweating, general feeling of fear not able to get his head together. I have always thought it was a panic attack because my husband suffers with anxiety...
  10. T

    Patient/Caregiver Discussion for Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome/ARS

    If you or your child suffer from Acute Repetitive Seizures or Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, Triangle Insights Group invites you to participate in patient and caregiver discussions in December 2016. We are reaching out to patients who suffer from ARS or LGS to share their opinions and experiences. A...
  11. G

    Really Lost, too complicated case, plz help

    Hi, My name is George now 29 years old, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Myclonic Epilepsy when I was 10 years old. At that time I used to have absence seizures that would last for up to 6 seconds. It got better with Epilim but did not fully disappear. When I was about 23 years old I started having...
  12. TravisMN

    MN Neuro-Oncology symposium

    May 9th and 10th Minneapolis MN. Not strictly epilepsy, but quite detailed presentations relating to "neuro oncology"! I've been at the first two they had and it was professional level material. The parent/patient was a little watered down (for me) so I stuck with the raw medical presentation...
  13. I

    Epilepsy, Mother died, Father abandoned

    Hi I'm from Ukraine sorry for my English, I hope you'll understand me My friend Aleksandrs has epilepsy Epilepsy began when his mother died.His father abandoned him after his mother died. He has no citizenship of our country (Ukraine) because his father was from Latvia so he cant get any...
  14. K

    Epilepsy and ADHD

    Hey everyone, I just joined and have been looking around, but didn't see this topic. If I missed it I'm sorry. Anyway, I've got epilepsy, obviously, but just found out I have ADHD too. Anyone else had this happen? Being 29 and having my doctor tell me the reason I have my memory issues, and...
  15. I

    Testing Bethany

    Hi I just had my second VEEG and I am lost as what I should do when I was there I was ambivalent about the whole test, from the moment I got there they made me feel as if I were doing it for attention based of the last one 3 years ago . I am so upset it took me 3 yrs for another test and so...
  16. suebear

    [Research] Deep brain stimulation helps improve memory and cognitive skills in epilepsy patients

    This documentation discusses how DBS surgery has actually helped improve the patient memory and cognitive skill. URL to website - http://www.news-medical.net/news/20120212/Deep-brain-stimulation-helps-improve-memory-and-cognitive-skills-in-epilepsy-patients.aspx
  17. J

    Question about AEDs and Birth Control

    Hey everyone, Quick question. I saw the GYN today and he wants to put me on Sprintec to regulate my hormones and help with my catamenial seizures. I currently take Carbatrol, Keppra, and Topamax. Do any of you all take Sprintec with epileptic meds? And if so, how do you feel...
  18. J

    HI-Looking for some insight & maybe support on PCOS and Epilepsy

    Hi, I'm Cassandra and I've been diagnosed with epilepsy since age 4. I've been a bunch of different AEDs and am currently taking Keppra, Carbatrol and Topamax. After a clean MRI and some blood work recently my doctor referred me back to the GYN. My testosterone came back elevated. Keppra...
  19. S

    Experiencing myoclonic jerks, but not diagnosed with epilepsy

    Hi there! I'm new to this site and not really sure how this works, so sorry if I'm doing this wrong or whatnot.. but anyways, hi. :) I’m 19, almost 20, and have been plagued by what I call “twitches” for almost two years. These twitches are involuntary and I don’t know how to describe it, but...
  20. J

    World Epilepsy Day!

    Tomorrow (March 26) is World Epilepsy Day!! Hope everyone has a wonderful seizure-free day. Sending positive thoughts to anyone who is struggling with their situation. xo