Testing Bethany

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I just had my second VEEG and I am lost as what I should
do when I was there I was ambivalent about the whole test, from the moment I got there they made me feel as if I were doing it for attention based of the last one 3 years ago . I am so upset it took me 3 yrs for another test and so many days and nights of horrible feeling and my family just cut me for the last time claiming they have not seen any of my "episodes", saying I have drinking/ drug problems.
I was scheduled for 5 day VEEG at Swedish neuro science center cherry hill seattle , wa , (would not recommend to anyone) rude people ^^^
3 days 2 nights and everyday dr asked when I would be leaving because my eeg was normal and said there where no events on video and asked if I had any typical events, so because I refused to hit the button which is down in the trigger some way
he said I quote "I wish I could give you an answer " to what was wrong with you . and I yelled at him and throw coffee every where my mother went out of her menschen byproxy way to make me look like I lied you have no idea what I have live through with her so yes she gets what she wants
I feel so sick now what am I going to do family , friends and emergency medical services and hospital staff here and there say its "factitious now"
before this for past years people told me I lied and have cuss me out , say its for attention, there pseudo or if she wants to think she has epilepsy let her
you know