1. S

    Mother won't accept my seizure diagnosis??

    This is probably going to sound absolutely insane (which it is), but my mother doesn't want to acknowledge that I really am having temporal lobe seizures. The reason for her denial seems to be that over the past 2 years of her own health issues, she's gotten sucked a little too far into the...
  2. O

    Temporal Lobe: When your epilepsy gives you psychological symptoms

    Hello, can anyone relate? Basically I have only ever had one major tonic clonic seizure After a couple of weeks I was put on Lamotrigine then switched to Topirmate due to a really bad allergic reaction. I get auras and the following symptoms - increasing anxiety (not the classic anxiety that...
  3. I

    Testing Bethany

    Hi I just had my second VEEG and I am lost as what I should do when I was there I was ambivalent about the whole test, from the moment I got there they made me feel as if I were doing it for attention based of the last one 3 years ago . I am so upset it took me 3 yrs for another test and so...
  4. N

    are these signs of epilepsy?? please help!

    hello, my name is Natasha, i am 23 years old from UK. its a bit of a long story and really don't know where to begin, but i hope someone can help. it all started when i was 12 i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, came out of no where but was under control in no time, a few months or so after...
  5. I

    Institutionalization , diagnostics and treatment

    Heavy institutionalization has anyone experienced diagnostic problems due to this dilemma and treatment to their seizure disorder. In terms of supposing to have major Mental illness from all the major categories and suspected to have Hypochondria ,malingering, attention Seeker and either a...
  6. Lafontaine_b

    Neurology Appointment

    Hey everyone!! SO: Monday was my EEG. Not gonna lie.... that was torture. Felt extremely sick all week. Had a headache for 2 days straight! I didn't have a "seizure" but after the strobe light, i had horrible vertigo. But tomorrow morning is my neurology appointment, which will show the...
  7. L

    I really need help identifying this!

    Hi there! My name is Lizzy and I'm 16 years old. My best friend has had epilepsy her whole life and I love her with all my heart. She is probably the strongest person I know <3 I am here with a question today. I have a vlog on youtube and I was filming an episode today. When I went back...
  8. J

    Brand new here, very scared

    I'm not sure if I should be posting here, as I do not yet have a diagnosis of epilepsy. Excuse me if I am out of line... I have had two episodes within the last three days where I lost consciousness, convulsed for about 30 seconds, and lost bladder control. I don't remember these things- there...
  9. mylo

    previous diagnoses anyone?

    has anyone else been diagnosed with ADD or a personality disorder prior to their EEG/epilepsy diagnosis? any other prior diagnosis? just wondering, thanks :)
  10. M

    I can't take not knowing anymore!!!

    I've been tired and having some sort of seizures at night for years now. It's been terrible, scary and I haven't felt rested at all. Doctors say it's epilepsy, then they say it's not, then they say it might be... And if it is not epilepsy then it must be PNES as if those are the only two...
  11. A

    Diagnosis Confirmed, NO AMYLOIDOSIS

    The Hematologist called earlier and confirmed what my Neurologist told me. There is NO AMYLOIDOSIS, there is NO evidence of it in the bone marrow, the marrow is totally normal, iron is normal, blood cells are normal and everything else, YAY. I was very worried for weeks but now I can rest...
  12. M

    I am so confused! :/

    I really need some help from you guys right now. This is my story short: years ago I started having different seizures. I was examined thoroughly (only because of one type of seizure because I didn't tell anyone about the others) but eeg, ct and whatever else I had came back clear and there...
  13. A

    Diagnosis, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome AND Neuropathy

    Diagnosis: Well, just got back. I went to the Neurologist this morning and he explained how he was going to do the test. He attached these little pads to my leg in various spots and said he was going to give me little electric shocks and after that, he was going to put a needle in two muscles in...
  14. S

    Might have TLE - scared and lonely

    Hi I feel very nervous as I imagine you all must get fed up of people like me, but I feel very scared and alone and could really do with some support if you have a few moments of your time. I am not diagnosed but am being tested for Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. I have had an MRI (normal) and an EEG...
  15. A

    Conditions Your doctor never told you, you had but you found in your chart

    Okay, has anyone ever read their chart or health record and find diagnoses your doctor never even told you you had but still listed in your health records? I was looking on this page I'm signed up to through my Neurologist's office and it says different diagnosis's I've had and conditions I...
  16. M

    How does one find a doc specializing in frontal lobe epilepsy?

    How would folks suggest finding a neurologist specializing in frontal lobe seizures?
  17. A

    Your EEGs have been normal, you have no diagnosis what did your Neurologist do next?

    Okay, let's say your first two EEGs have been normal so you have no diagnosis yet, what did your Neurologist do next? When I had my first EEG, it was only two weeks or so after the Grand Mal seizure and my Neurologist told me that it's possible that it was too soon after the seizure and may be...
  18. I

    EEG & MRI? What to expect, ways to prepare, etc.

    Hello! I'm going to be getting an EEG and an MRI soon and I have no idea what to expect. I hear in the EEG they will try to induce seizures in suspected epileptics like me, and I can't say I'm overly excited about that part. I've read a lot online about the "things to do" beforehand and stuff...
  19. P

    [Info] Two Tests Could Aid in Risk Assessment and Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s

    From “The New York Times”, published January 18, 2011… “Researchers are reporting major advances toward resolving two underlying problems involving Alzheimer’s disease: How do you know if someone who is demented has it? And how can you screen the general population to see who is at risk? One...
  20. O

    Some questions??

    Ok. I hope I don't sound too crazy. I am 27. I had my first Tonic Clonic seizure at age 21. After having another seizure and a short hospitalisation was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy and placed on medication. AEDs have been changed over the years but for the most part it has been...
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