1. JLogefeil

    Can Anyone Help Me With This Question?

    Is there any difference between the way they manage a pregnant woman with status epilepticus in the er and a women with status epilepticus who isn't pregnant? Or is it all treated the same? If they treat them both differently, how so from the other?
  2. Candice.Brittney

    New to Seizures...

    My name is Candice, I'm a 25 year old girl living in Windsor, Ontario Canada. I'm the loving Mother to a Gorgeous 3 1/2 year old Little Girl who's name is Nova. She is my world. In late July of 2012 I remember standing in the bathroom staring in the mirror brushing my teeth. Next thing I knew...
  3. A

    Mood Swings For Days After Seizures

    I’m engaged to a woman I love very much who’s also both an alcoholic (in recovery) and an epileptic. For most of the time I’ve know her the seizures have been kept in check with meds, but when she’s relapsed with alcohol in the past they’ve come on like clockwork. I used to associate the mood...
  4. JLogefeil

    Pregnancy, Epilepsy, & Hospital Drugs?

    I'm 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant. My husband and I are trying to put together a plan just in case I end up in the ER we are trying to think of a plan. One of the main questions that we have is, is the med's they give you (ativan, dilation,versed, and ect) is that going to kill the baby? Do they...
  5. JLogefeil

    Pregnant With Epilepsy/Seizures, Will Things Change?

    I'm 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant and I'm worried about if I end up in the ambulance or the hospital. Will they treat me the same as when I wasn't pregnant or different (more concerned) that I'm pregnant? Has anyone had seizures/ epilepsy when pregnant? I read online that the if the paramedics...
  6. L

    Taking risks with Epilepsy

    So, I was thinking today about things that are classed as unsafe, especially for people with uncontrolled Epilpesy. What kind of risks do you take? I mean, just cause we have E doesn't mean we can't ride a bike, go on a roller coaster or even climb a tree right? I used to volunteer at a...
  7. K

    Please Help If Possible! :)

    My four-year-old daughter got taken by an ambulence from preschool April 4, 2013. She was diagnosed as having a complex partial seizure. She was given a CT, blood work, and urninalysis. Everything came out good. She was admitted overnight, and was given an EEG the next day, which was not...
  8. Phams413

    Epilepsy and Marijuana?

    I was just curious if anyone here smokes marijuana and has it had any positive or negative effects on your epilepsy? :brain:
  9. M

    Father with Epilepsy—new to forum

    My name is Mikhail and I'm new to Coping with Epilepsy. I've been researching about epilepsy since my dad had a seizure last November when he was sleeping. He never had a seizure during 20 years (since I was born). He had a treatment with Phenytoin since he was 18 'til his early 50's and well...
  10. CBernieBlack

    Differences between Seizures and Epilepsy

    Morning all. =) Howcast.com thew out this video to the interwebs and it's about 3mins of two people talking about the basic differences between Seizures and Epilepsy. I at first was kind of excited to see people talking about it, but then when they were talking, I got frustrated because it...
  11. JLogefeil

    What Are The Common Auras Before A Complex Partial Seizure?

    What are the common aruras before you have a complex partial seizure?
  12. A

    Walls, ceiling, and floor are moving. WHY?

    I'm going to a neurologist on Tuesday to determine what's wrong with me, but I exhibit many symptoms of epilepsy, yet nothing shows up on an EEG. I already have migraines, but I also have an extremely rare neurological condition called Persistent Aura without Infarction, a member of the Visual...
  13. X

    Keppra XR. Worth it?

    In a nutshell, I have TLE and been diagnosed for about a month and a half now. My seizures come in clusters every 3-4 months or so. My neurologist prescribed me Keppra XR. She said if I take this, all my seizures will cease down and I'll be able to live a normal life and I can drive again and...
  14. C0nn0rCh0sen

    Epilepsy AND diabetes?

    Hi everyone. I haven't been on here for a long time. In summer last year i was diagnosed with diabetes. Alongside all of my epilepsy treatment and medication, i have been really struggling. Like one illness doesnt make you feel isolated enough already. I was just wondering if there is anyone...
  15. Duvexy

    Static Electricity

    I am just wondering if anybody in here has ever had experiences where you where you were shocked by somebody by touching them, or they shocked you when touched. Or, were you ever shocked by touching a knob or any other inanimate object. And, has your hair ever got static electricity? I am...
  16. M


    For 2 nights ago i had a little blackout. I fixed something with my iPhone and lied down to listen to audiobook. Then suddenly i had a blackout. I came to my self drooling a littlebit. And to day, i was playing bingo. I missed one number, something i normaly never do. Can this blackouts be seizures?
  17. C

    Stress and Epilepsy

    Greetings, I just suffered a Grand Mal Seizure while driving to work Yesterday morning. I remember pulling out of my driveway and that is it. I somehow made is about 200 yards and pulled over? I vaguely remember small details of driving back home but besides this... I have been taking my...
  18. P

    Gratitude is the Attitude!

    With Thanksgiving here, it's a good time to think of things we are grateful for. People who make our every day richer. Our lives. Everything we hold near and dear. Here are at least five things I’m grateful for. 1. My life. After going to 12 schools in 12 years and a war zone home, I have...
  19. E

    New here, had seizure yesterday..

    Hi, I guess I'm just here seeking support from people who know how awful epilepsy can be. I was diagnosed with partial and generalized seizures about 5 years ago. Many medications later and I was put on 100MGs of Keppra in Dec. 2011. All was good until yesterday, I suffered a grand mal...
  20. JLogefeil

    Just Got A New Medical Alert Bracelet Will This Help?

    I just received my Medical Alert Bracelet yesterday. I put my name, epilepsy,and allergic to ativan and dilantin. The only reason that I put allergic to ativan and dilantin is because when I go to the hospital they give me those med's and then like a day later I come home and have these sores...