What Are The Common Auras Before A Complex Partial Seizure?


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Hey J,
i posted this for momof3boys a few days ago and it applies to your question as well, hope it helps... (an aura is a simple partial seizure)

Symptoms of simple partial seizures in the temporal lobes:

Going pale (usually due to blood draining out of the face after the 'flushing')
Experiencing a churning feeling in your stomach
Seeing things as smaller or bigger than they really are
Imagining you can see or hear something that is not actually happening
Smelling non-existent smells
Tasting non-existent tastes
Feelings of fear, panic, sadness or happiness, or feeling detached from what's going on around you.
Vivid memory 'flashbacks' An intense feeling of 'deja vu', when you are convinced you have experienced something before - even when you haven't.
Feelings of 'jamais vu' when you are unable to recognize things that are very familiar to you.

Symptoms of complex partial seizures in the temporal lobes:
Smacking your lips
Swallowing (as I'm positive I only have simple partials I believe I swallow b/c my stomach always churns and as with nausea, my throat starts to feel ‘wet').
Scratching your head
Fumbling with buttons
Removing items of clothing
Staggering around
Wandering off. Recovery of full awareness may be minutes or hours late, with you being unable to remember anything.

-It's amazing too how one can turn into the other within a millisecond. At first you may have been feeling fear and sweating then without realizing it you're smacking your lips and stumbling around. All being so jumbled into one makes it harder to differentiate what kind you had, or both. The best is someone watching you and making notes of the order of things.
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