1. JLogefeil

    Pregnant With Epilepsy/Seizures, Will Things Change?

    I'm 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant and I'm worried about if I end up in the ambulance or the hospital. Will they treat me the same as when I wasn't pregnant or different (more concerned) that I'm pregnant? Has anyone had seizures/ epilepsy when pregnant? I read online that the if the paramedics...
  2. JLogefeil

    What Are The Common Auras Before A Complex Partial Seizure?

    What are the common aruras before you have a complex partial seizure?
  3. JLogefeil

    What Do You Do?

    My friends and I are talking about seiures and we got talking about hands during tonic clonic seizures. What happeneds to your hands while a seizure? Are they opened, closed, clenched, or open and closing? Please let us know, thank you:)
  4. JLogefeil

    What Do They Do If Your Allergic To Both?

    I was thinking today, and it made me very curious. What if I end up needed the ambulance and they look at my medical ID bracelet and notice I m allergic to Ativan and Dilantin. Is there any other medications they can use in the ambulance or do they only have those two? I live in California and...
  5. JLogefeil

    The Seizure Crew!!

    rea1889 and I are apart of a crew called "The Seizure Crew" We make youtube video's about all types of seizures. We even talk about Conversion Disorder and PNES. We have lots of educational video's about medicines and videos of seizures too. If you have any questions we may be able to answer...
  6. JLogefeil

    What Does This Mean?

    I was looking at an old EEG report and it says this (Quote) The technologist noted the patient to be drowsy. The resting record consists of mainly drowsy and sleep states in the form of mixed frequency background compromising of beta and delta waves. Stage 1 and 2 of sleep were noted with its...
  7. JLogefeil

    Just Got A New Medical Alert Bracelet Will This Help?

    I just received my Medical Alert Bracelet yesterday. I put my name, epilepsy,and allergic to ativan and dilantin. The only reason that I put allergic to ativan and dilantin is because when I go to the hospital they give me those med's and then like a day later I come home and have these sores...
  8. JLogefeil

    What do i do? This is so unbelievable

    This has been a crazy week for me and I know I haven't been on CWE for while and I thought I would update everyone. This is so long to type so I'm just copying and pasting the video's on here from my channel on youtube I'm so speech less and confused right now, I don't know know what to do. Has...
  9. JLogefeil

    Do Any Of You Act Like This?

    I went to the hospital yesterday and my hubby took a video of me and how I was acting. Do any of you act like this? I was just really irritated becuase the hospital wasn't doing anything for me and I was still having seizures. So I was just wanting to go home. I also have more videos of my trip...
  10. JLogefeil

    How High Does Your/A Heart Rate Go?

    My hubby told me that people with TC serizures have a heart rate around 180, during a seizure. The last time I was at the hospital the doc obbserved me and said my heart rate wasn't in the danger zone, during a seizure. When my hubby told me that I felt like again the doctors wount beleave me. I...
  11. JLogefeil

    What Could It Be?

    Today I have been feeling not the greatest. I feel like I have a fast heart rate with a hard time breathing or a shortness of breath, my hubby says I feel a little warm. I tried taking a nap but it was so hard because it was hard to breath and my chest is pounding. I wanted my hubby to take me...
  12. JLogefeil

    Maybe This Is The Answer For Most Of Us?

    I thought this information was really cool. So I made a video, I would like to know if anyone every had one of these special EEG's and what are my chances of getting one? When do/does a DR. turn to one of theses EEG's? Are the EEG's mostly used for people who are having a hard time getting a...
  13. JLogefeil

    Drinking With Seizures & On Keppra?

    I have been wanting to drink for a while now but the last time I got drunk I had a seizure and ended up in the ER, that was over a year ago. But lately I want to drink and I don't know how it will effect me now since I m takin 1,500mg of Keppra. Does anyone know how this will effect you? Or...
  14. JLogefeil

    Can A Full Moon?

    I was doing fine till last night, I had a seizure. If I didn't have a seizure the ready of the month I would have only had 2 seizures this month(Aug), but I didn't i had one last night. My husband told me there was a full moon and I remember my mom telling me that a full moon set off people...
  15. JLogefeil

    Dr. Didn't know what it was?

    I went to my doctor not my neruro one, but my Gp and she asked how my seizures have been and I told her only 2 so far this month. Then she asked about if I had any side effects and I said no. For some weird reason we got on moods and for some reason I brought up Keppra rage. She didn't know what...
  16. JLogefeil

    Maybe It's The Keppra, Chantix, Or Something Else? :(

    I have been peeing a lot. So far just today I have peed 10 times. Last night I started keeping track and so I started keeping track last night. Since 7:30pm till 11:08pm tonight I have peed 14 times. I don't know if the Keppra does this r maybe even Chantix. Can anyone help me? I always get...
  17. JLogefeil

    Was In The Hospital Again,

    I was in the hospital again. Went in on Sunday night at like 1 or 2 in the morning, left Monday night. This time everything was off. I can’t all write it down, I mean I can but I’m still drugged up from everything they gave me. So I made videos, if you want to know click on the links. I tried...
  18. JLogefeil

    Are These Side Effects Or Something Diffrent?

    So with the new dosage that I m taking are these side effects? I have been feeling like dizzy, and I m like seeing things, not like people but shapes ( shapes are the best way I can explain it, also like different colors), hard to breath and my heart feels like its beating really fast, I feel...
  19. JLogefeil

    Just Got Out Of My Nuro App And?

    Basically, all he did is ask how I am and told me he is upping my does of Keppra. Is it a good think that they upend my dose? Does that mean he take me more seriously? Also, my husband told me that I never look at him. When I get scared I don't look at people and I said to my hubby "I noticed...
  20. JLogefeil

    Is All This Normal?

    I had two seizures last night, my hubby said right before he went to work. I also have been tryin to focus on how I feel today so I can explain it to my doctor. So before I tell him I just wanted to run things by you and see if these are normal after a seizure. Again the seizures happened last...
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