1. joey

    And if you don't know now you know

    Did You Know? 1.In old Ireland, epilepsy was known as "St. Paul's Disease". The apostle discreetly mentioned his epilepsy on several occasions. In the 2nd. letter to Corinthians (2, 7) he says "...to keep me from being puffed up with pride...I was given a painful physical ailment...to beat me...
  2. ziggidypoo

    I'm Battier than I thought!!

    NOTE: This is NOT to offend any person with a certain type of epilepsy - I'm serious in this even though it may seem funny - no harm to anyone else intended - I am not that type of person intentionally. ********************************************************* I have Media Edition on my PC and...
  3. D

    New to the site

    Hi there ! My name's Dave and I'm 22 and I think I have temporal lobe epilepsy although I'm not sure. I'm getting an MRI in the next couple weeks to confirm this. Here's is my strangest seizure ?: I was sitting in my den and I started hearing strange strange music. It is unrecognizable...
  4. brain


    ABSENCE SEIZURES INCLUDING ATYPICAL ABSENCE SEIZURES This vote and comments section applies to those who suffers from ABSENCE Seizures. *Special Note - ATYPICAL ABSENCE APPLIES TO THIS POLL AS WELL * Here are some partial quotes: ABSENCE SEIZURES - from eMed ABSENCE SEIZURES - Epilepsy...