1. epilepticloner

    Disclosing medical condition at work - possible discrimination

    I currently am interning for an amazing company that I love - I love the work I do, the environment I do it in, and the people I do it with. I have been really excited about it because it's a hire-from-within company and they often offer full time positions to their employees. So far my projects...
  2. P

    [News] Epilepsy Foundation Applauds EEOC for New Rules Under the ADA

    When I went to the Philadelphia ”Town Hall” meeting for the EEOC, it was very impressive. The room was packed. There was a huge presentation board and someone speaking sign language for the non-hearing. There were people of all kinds of disabilities on the ADMINISTRATION BOARD – non-seeing...
  3. P

    Epilepsy and education…coming out of the closet

    It starts in the playground. A kid has a seizure and everybody freaks out. Nobody knows what to do. Maybe not even the school nurse. Even though epilepsy first aid is a cinch. It’s frightening to see a child seize and then, based on that fright, they think “I can’t deal with this.” Some...
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    [Info] Epilepsy and Employment

    Below is the link to a fascinating article about epilepsy and employment, written by the Robert S. Fisher, M.D., Ph.D. Editor-in-Chief of epilepsy.com. Basically, what he says is: “Most people with epilepsy can and do work, but having epilepsy doesn’t make it any easier, especially in the...
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    job / employment

    is anyone's job in jeopardy because of their seizures?
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