1. JLogefeil

    I Started This Epilepsy Group!!

    I'm trying to get more people into this group. Here is the link please join and get involved and if course sores the word. Thank you!!šŸ˜„ https://m.facebook.com/groups/524159381022587
  2. Aaleayha

    Facebook Page?

    Hi, I know I just joined but I couldn't help but wonder if I could start a Facebook Page to support this site? But I wanted to know if Bernard or any MOD would approve (allow) me to do this. I have a seizure support group already but it has no activity. I was going to re-vamp the group to make...
  3. Elaine H

    I've Just Been Cyber Bullied!!!Just Tell Me What You Think?

    Hi CWE and Bernard Wow, I feel like I'm home I really do!! I haven't been on for a while for a ton of reasons, but I've been dragged into a couple of Facebook websites re epilepsy, and I just wanted to kind of warn you guys on here, or see if anyone had experienced the same hostility as I just...