1. crazychick10793

    where to get a certian type of med id bracelet

    i'm looking for specialized "wrist lockets" a medical bracelet that has info on the front and back, and has a section inside for me to put a little paper with my medication doses, as they keep changing does anyone know where to find one?
  2. angie2312

    Medic Alert Jewellry

    Hi all Just wondered how many people wore these ?? Am in the process of being diagnosed at present . But have chosen only to tell the people who matter what is going on with me . Just wondered if the medic alert jewellry is important and if everyone wears it as I think people will notice it...
  3. D

    (people with medical issues only) medical bracelets or necklaces

    i have some people telling me if i wear one it's like putting a label on yourself. How many people feel thats true & it's not?
  4. CJR

    To Wear or Not to Wear~Medical Bracelets

    As most of you know my 10 year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with Epilepsy. I was going to ask her Neurologist if she should wear a medical bracelet but we are STILL waiting to meet her Neurologist! So I thought I'd pose the question to those of you who have experience with E. Do...
  5. Shutterbabe

    Safe Travel With Epilepsy?????

    I have to travel by air often and alone. I find it very challenging with meds, especially when shifting time zones. The added stress of airports, long flights, etc. makes me fear that I might seize. I do not inform the flight attendant because of possible reprecussions. Someone once told me that...
  6. Bernard

    Medic Alert Bracelets - Do you wear one?

    It's anonymous voting as always...