1. Bernard

    [News] Medtronic caught ghostwriting 'scientific' articles published in medical journals

    ... and downplaying risks of its products: Medtronics also manufactures devices for epilepsy:
  2. D

    [Research] Vagal Nerve Stimulation

    Why the FDA Can’t Protect the Public Medical device makers often fail to properly conduct safety studies and the US Food and Drug Administration provides scant oversight. By Shannon Brownlee, New America Foundation and Jeanne Lenzer, medical investigative journalist November 2010 | BMJ...
  3. Bernard

    Responsive Neurostimulator (RNS) system

    Here is yet another clinical trial for an implantable device. This one is from NeuroPace, Inc.:
  4. Bernard

    Intercept Epilepsy Control System

    I saw HowdyDave refence this in another forum: Intercept™ Epilepsy Control System Looks kinda like the VNS Therapy system: