1. RobinN

    Nutritional Factors in Bipolar Disorder Often Overlooked

    Since so many members discuss Bipolar Disorder along with their Seizure Disorders this article caught my eye. In fact, prior to working with my daughter on her nutrition, her therapist discussed Bipolar medication with me. I refused it at the time, and I am glad that I did. (the Drs name made...
  2. RobinN

    [News] Ketogenic Diet found helpful in reversing impaired kidney function

    I found this article to be quite interesting. Once again, the connection between nutrition, neurological and blood sugar disorders is being found to have positive results.
  3. K

    new around these parts

    Hi All-- I'm Kris and I found you all just doing an online search to see what people are talking about around epilepsy. I was diagnosed at age 10 and I never grew out of my seizures even though they are fairly well controlled with medication. I've gone 25 years on various medications...
  4. LivingFruity

    How to Avoid Food Triggered Seizures

    I found an interesting article on avoiding food triggered seizures. We've already restricted all of these items in my son's diet. The most recent item we eliminated was soy. I'm also including the link to a second article that lists several food-related causes for epilepsy and seizures. How...
  5. LivingFruity

    Controlling Seizures With Raw Foods

    We're currently controlling my son's complex partial seizures with a high-raw diet. He eats mostly fresh, raw fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds. Occasionally he will have a homemade salad dressing that may contain one or two non-raw ingredients. He may also have a baked sweet potato or steamed...
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