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Hi All--

I'm Kris and I found you all just doing an online search to see what people are talking about around epilepsy. I was diagnosed at age 10 and I never grew out of my seizures even though they are fairly well controlled with medication.

I've gone 25 years on various medications, sometimes having seizures, sometimes not, usually feeling like a very normal human, and occasionally not. My life is very active, as are my body and my mind. I have never felt as though epilepsy totally belongs to or with me, even though it is something I have had to deal with for many years.

My greatest curiosity and life-long search is the cause or origins of my seizures. They literally began overnight and occur chiefly when I am sleeping. All usual causes have been routinely ruled out by countless doctors, then we fall back on the usual regimen of medications.

I, however, am fascinated and compelled by the mind-body connection-- and how that connection affects the whole self both for ill and for good. I am also intrigued by childhood trauma-- either actual or perceived-- and how that impacts a person in any number of psychological or physiological manners. It is my belief that undetected or unresolved traumas and stressors will work themselves out biologically and uninvited, seizures being one expression. I have a hunch that a good percentage of those people who do not know the origin of their seizures fall somewhere in this 'trauma' category of seizure genesis.

Currently I am a holistic nutrition student, studying the ways in which food, toxins and lifestyle impact the whole person and how to use the betterment of those, along with stress relief, to pursue overall wellness.

I live outside Boulder, Colorado and enjoy mass amounts of rock climbing nearby. The high country is near at hand-- wonderful for skiing-- but I sure do hate being cold. I am eagerly awaiting summer and my backyard garden!

Thanks for listening!

Hi Kris, welcome to CWE!

You'll find all sorts of good discussion here about the whys and wherefores of seizure disorders -- and I hope you feel free to start your own. Issues related to nutrition and metabolism seem to play an important role in some seizure disorders, so I'm interested to know if your studies have focused on that at all.

Hi Kris :hello: Welcome to the site. I have found a lot of answers here and good friends. I hope you enjoy your time here.
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