1. Matthew74

    Onset of seizures and amnesia

    I found some notes that my mom made from when I developed epilepsy. I had 7 seizures between 3rd grade and the beginning of 6th. Then I was put on Dilantin, and immediately began having 6 or more a day, for two months, until they put me on Tegretol. The tegretol worked. The seizures...
  2. PlumeAgate

    Regaining consiousness during a tonic-clonic.

    My worst seizure to date, aside from the one I had last year (it's still a toss up which one was more traumatizing), was in 2006 if i recall correctly. My sister and I were on a plane trip to Alaska, all the way from Texas. The whole day had been really stressful because we'd missed the check in...
  3. A

    Head Trauma, Seizures YEARS later

    Has anyone had a head trauma that resulted in seizures YEARS later? The doctors have asked me again and again if I had head trauma previously after I had my seizure and at time I only recalled one but then came up with 6 more recently. I just saw a video that says that head trauma CAN cause...
  4. M

    To those with psychogenic seizures

    I was diagnosed with psychogenic seizures in July (the 20th, my birthday). Since then I have been on the annoying course of finding my self a new, decent, affordable, long term psychologist. I have been through the local free mental health system, I have a list of people to call and the free...
  5. A

    Head Trauma resulting in epilepsy & seizures

    Whose seizures and epilepsy were a result of head trauma? I'm beginning to realize that my doctors are right, that this seizure was brought on by a head trauma and if that's the case, I've probably been having complex partial seizures and of course the grand mal. Age 1 or 2, my Mom had to slam...
  6. K

    new around these parts

    Hi All-- I'm Kris and I found you all just doing an online search to see what people are talking about around epilepsy. I was diagnosed at age 10 and I never grew out of my seizures even though they are fairly well controlled with medication. I've gone 25 years on various medications...
  7. P

    [Info] Childhood Abuse and Epilepsy

    It looks like a seizure…it acts like a seizure…but is it epilepsy? As recently as the 1980s, many doctors and scientists thought that by the time babies were born, the structure of their brains was already genetically determined. However, new research shows evidence of altered brain...
  8. Cinnabar

    [Research] The Correlation between Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Dissociative Identity Disorder

    I have been researching as to how Temporal Lobe Epilepsy is connected to Dissociative Identity Disorder. It is also connected to Bi-Polar Disorder but I want to focus on it's relationship to DID because there is less awareness about this condition. Note that not all patients with Temporal Lobe...
  9. epileric

    TGF-beta blocker may prevent many cases of epilepsy

    Was e-mailed a newsletter that had this article.
  10. Cinnabar

    EMDR/TLE...Trauma stored in the body

    EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a form of therapy where you can distance yourself from a remembered trauma as if looking at a snap shot. Sometimes, it brings forth a forgotten trauma. It's a very mild form of hypnosis where the therapist directs back and forth eye...
  11. T

    Emotional numbing

    I've a question to ask. In addition to TLE I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder (I was sexually abused at school by my peers, in public). I've been having psychotherapy for the PTSD for a year now but we hit a brick wall. The emotional part of my mind is a hard...
  12. RobinN

    Negative emotions can trigger stroke

    I am assuming this is also the case with seizures....
  13. Bernard

    Emotional trauma stored in the body

    http*// (old link no longer works, article also posted here: ) Is there a connection to seizure activity? I wonder if there have ever been any studies done. Most of the info I can...
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