[Research] The Correlation between Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Dissociative Identity Disorder


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I have been researching as to how Temporal Lobe Epilepsy is connected to Dissociative Identity Disorder. It is also connected to Bi-Polar Disorder but I want to focus on it's relationship to DID because there is less awareness about this condition. Note that not all patients with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy are necessarily ladden with DID. But the connection must be considered. Are absent seizures in fact dissociative "time loss"? Are personality changes (dissociation) a result of post-ictal states?

These are challenging questions.

It's very likely that allot of members believe that Dissociative Identity Disorder doesn't belong on platform here, believing it has nothing to do with Epilepsy. I wan't to bring awareness that the two are strongly inter-linked.

For some time, I've read article after article hoping to land on one which would explain the correlation between the two and am finally relieved to have found one which is more comprehensible than the others I've come across.

Please don't pass by this link. It's something to digest but really a fascinating account of two greatly misunderstood disorders and the marriage between the two.

I'm hoping that dialouge be exchanged and questions asked. And I thank those who are readers.

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Interesting what I was able to absorb so far. I'll need to read it again when I'm better rested.
occb, thanks for reading. And get that rest!
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That is interesting.i wonder how often people are dxed with psycological disorders and they have epilepsy.
That is interesting.i wonder how often people are dxed with psycological disorders and they have epilepsy.

I believe it is more often than most people know.

Thanks for the interesting article, cinnabar.
That is interesting.i wonder how often people are dxed with psycological disorders and they have epilepsy.

From what I've read, more often than one would hope. Especially certain kinds that present with unusual signs.
Horsehead, I think plenty! I for one was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder. Have been stabilized for over ten years. Then came the diagnosis of DID. Then after five years seeing a specialist I had my first Tonic Clonic seizure and was diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Of course, I had to research the latter and stumbled upon an article addressing the interconnections of the three disorders. But the articles were way out of my leauge. This one was managable for me. I find the following interesting:

One possible interpretation of these observations would be that the dissociative condition was in fact a form of temporal lobe seizure. This is of interest in that the temporal lobe is more prone to seizure activity than any other lobe of the cortex

As you said a good amount of people are misdiagnosed as having psychological disorders when in fact it very well might be all about the neurological.

In addition, temporal lobe seizures are notable for producing states of altered consciousness, including those in which the sense of "personal identity may disappear"

With DID patients it is always the case that a persona emerges and then retreats while another persona takes over. Noted: Altered states of consciousness are common to Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.

There are lesser forms of dissociation than DID such as Depersonalization and Derealization. Several members have begun discussing the latter two in connection with their Epilepsy. And I applaud them because it's not easy to discuss the matter in public forums. But they've received great input and very importantly validation. And I consider them brave advocates.

Thanks, Horsehead, for taking the time to comb through the article and make your mention. And Cint and occb!
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I currently have a dx of pseudo seizures caused by anxiety.I have so many symtoms of frontal lobe epilepsy it makes me wonder.also keppra did help my spells . If these disorder are all linked i wonder if people who have either disorder can be helped in the same way. Doctors just dont seem to care much if you have a psycological disorder and think you are waisting there time.Really i feel both disorder should recieve equal care as they seem to be equally damageing to the patient.
I have so many symtoms of frontal lobe epilepsy it makes me wonder.
Horsehead, may I ask what your symptoms are?

Doctors just dont seem to care much if you have a psycological disorder and think you are waisting there time.
Do you mean to say that neurologists don't care much if you have a psychological disorder?

Really i feel both disorder should recieve equal care as they seem to be equally damageing to the patient
I hear you! The thing is that they are confounded. Fortunately, my neurologist and neuro-psychiatrist work well together on my behalf. I'm fortunate because I think this is rare. They are on the same page concerning meds for my Epilepsy and Bi-Polar Conditions. However, there are no meds for DID as it is physiologically based. This has to be worked out in therapy with a specialist.
The list is long so here goes...
vision symtoms such as seeing bright lights,zigzag lines,patches of lights and dark spots ,some are just circles and some look kindof like a spider. I hear voices,smell things like something burning or a chemical smell,I have numbness and tingling sometimes all over my body and sometimes just one side or one body part.I go to the bathroom over and over up to 7 times in a half hour mostly when i lay down and try and rest or if I go out somewhere. nausea and occasional vomiting. Weakness so much so i have to go lay down. Lots of saliva in my mouth. Unable to speak,see, or move,loss of conciousness with convulsions,biting my toung or inside of my lip.Loss of time, loss of memory. twiching of body parts,headaches. Violent behavior with no memory of it.sleep walking. Jolting awake and gasping.rocking in my sleep.Slaming my leg against the bed in my sleep and kicking. Jerking of my arm and wrist while sleeping.Stairing spells.excessive tiredness no matter how much i sleep.Laughing, crying,and rages for no reason. Having no thoughts and very peacefull.
As far as doctors not caring this has happened with neuros and regular doctors
Horsehead, you said you were diagnosed with Psuedo Seizures. I'm not all that familiar with them. I do know the term annoys me because it seems to indicate "faking it".

Many people with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy experience Complex Partial Seizures. From the list you provided me it sounds like you may want to look into this link which covers Complex Partials.


And I hope you find the right doctors! I had to hunt and hunt....
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Thanks for the link.It looks like I have symtoms from all kinds of seizures. Do you happen to know if all these symtoms can be caused by anxiety as well . My guess is that it can otherwise hopefully the doctors would continue to keep looking for reasons for my spells
I know in my case anxiety caused me to go into my first Tonic Clonic. The anxiety lead to hyperventilation and that lead to the seizure.
Yes that is what I was dxed with. My regular just said that means the seizures are not caused by the brain waves but it has a psycological reason. I have had tc type seizures when in pain or with blood draws my doctor said that is due to my heart rate going up to high and then my blood pressure droping and this makes me pass out and convulse.some doctors have said this was a seizure and some say it wasn't. i remember when I was younger I got in trouble at school and I couldn't see ,move or talk.The doctors thought I was faking it,I could hear them and feel but the feeling was less intence.They were very rough and kept telling me to get up because they had patients with "real problems" to take care of.
Now this gets my craw and I'm so sorry you had to experience doctors accusing you of faking it. You won't get any of that here. You're in good understanding hands...
thankyou. That has happened far to many times in my life.You start to think you really are crazy.The thought that I mke myself have all these symtoms is very distribing to me.I was sitting in my motorhome and had two tc type seizures in a row. I was just sitting there holding my son and suddenly felt dizzy and sick to my stomach.I said to my husband something is wrong and lost consiousness. My neice and nephew were there and said when I woke up the first time "you had a seizure".Thats all I heard and I was out again.I was not nervous before this happened.I dropped my son on the floor.It scares me that I could have any control over that.
Do you really think this is so?
The thought that I mke myself have all these symtoms is very distribing to me.
I can't imagine anyone "making" these symptoms happen. Maybe, you were told this. If people insist on poor diet, drinking alchohol heavily or setting themselves up in stressfull situations and not walking away, I see that as someone just not taking "triggers' into consideration. I do believe it would be to your great benefit exploring other doctors. Maybe a nuerologist first. Maybe, he or she could direct you to a good psychistrist. And if you can make that happen they might be open to working together with each other for your benefit.
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Yes I am looking for a psychistrist now.I say making but what I mean is something in my body other than a medical reason is causeing these things to happen.So the only thing that can help me is talking with someone and medication for anxiety.I guess I have been told that you have control over anything psycological and been treated badly for it. so somwhere in my mind I think I should be able to fix this myself. Does that make any since?
No, you can't fix this by yourself. You need direction from a good psychiatrist. See if you can find a talk therapist. He, she will "hear" you and then prescribe the meds you need.

It's not neccessarily true that you can control the psychological. There "is" such a thing as Behavior Modification which helps one control the symptoms of let's say OCD.
Now i have to add to the list.Losing control of my bladder.awhile after not feeling well I woke up in my husbands arms and had to change.
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